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  1. Ignore that last one I have found a guide on how to do it👍
  2. Firstly massive apologies been Fing ill. Ok so this is now making a bit more sense now, I’m going to have to research the rear wash as it looks like I don’t have that back to the dash... that said I have no buttons for that yet either unless it gets tied in with the stalk?? Ive ordered PRC2876 and moved on to start the inside where I have managed to connect the front wipers/washer, side lights/head lights, full beam indicators and horn and also heater matrix. So hazard switch.... (you might wanna get the kettle on), harness, I think (process of elimination) has 7 wires they are as follows; Black with red stripe, comes out of the connector and has got a spade connection on the end. Green with brown stripe Green with red stripe - tested continuity front and rear and to the stalk L/H indicator Green and white stripe - tested continuity front and rear and to the stalk R/H indicator. light green purple Dark Green. Which again doesn’t match up with the wiring diagram, and to make things worse I’m connecting it to the TD5 Button which came with the bulkhead..... however that plug has 9 wires and only know (I think) what two are.... they are as follows; Top row of 5 right to left white with green stripe purple with brown stripe light green (slightly thicker) red with orange stripe black bottom row of four directly underneath green with brown stripe green with red stripe Black with red stripe green with white stripe Can I even make this work? Where would you start
  3. Ok guys thanks for the info, I’m back in the garage in the morning (Saturdays are all about my boy) so I’ll let you know how I get on. Now I’m armed with some info, I may stand a better chance. As for the PDWA, I’m going to be using the system which come with the TD5 bulk head I bought.... so straight to the low level cap I take it? I’ll keep an open mind what to do with the feed but I think it may come in handy for my fan on the back of the rad (Allisport upgrade). Mr Hippo, you asked what I have, well it’s essentially a 200tdi 90, but it’s a on going project which is turning into a mix and match of different things... I bought a Richards Chassis and the old loom was well, cut more times than some smack heads dodgy gear!! So in my wisest wisdom, I thought I would chuck it away and build my own..... what a mistake!!
  4. Thanks for this, I’ll have to look into the PDWA as not I’m 100% sure where this is?As for the Air-con feed, I take it I can just tape this and tuck it out of the way? many thanks
  5. Wow thanks guys for the warm welcome much appreciated, sorry for the late reply I’m working nights at the moment. So I have a bit of it worked out using the diagram. Engine loom is now in place and connected, the main harness is sitting in situ, but a couple of bits I can’t work out even with the diagram.... unfortunately not having the old one to compare too is taking its toll. Off the main harness in the engine bay, I have the rear harness worked out, (but is it worth the hassle of getting it through the chassis?), I know which is the glow plug timer relay, as stated the engine loom is connected. That leaves me with; 1 block of four connections which has, 1 brown wire, 1 white wire, 1 white and black and 1 green wire to it. 1 block of five connections which has 1 white and orange, 1 purple and orange, 1 green, 1 white and 1 black Then there is 2 black and white with male and female connectors, I’m thinking they go to the brake fluid 1 white and orange with a female connector. Obviously the lights, horn, heater etc, I’ve worked out. Blimey that’s a big list for now but any help at all will be most appreciated!! Many thanks Tom
  6. Would this help, it was given to me on another site as I tried to build my own loom........ TRIED, so bought a auto sparks main loom, rear harness and engine harness for ease..... and it comes with no legend at all, hideous! So back to the start for me but I have no loom to compare to..... so if any of you guys would like to earn £50 and tell me what all the wires are and where each wire goes where exactly, that would be great... I have managed to work some out by reading this post and by using the attached file... but I’m sure there is more wires than what’s on that file. Also it’s very different to the partial one I built, and I had that start up on the key..... I’m almost at the point of taking a massive loss and selling the project because this is annoying me sooo much!
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