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  1. My alternator is dead , I admit it , it's had it , RAC confirmed it , I bought a new one from Eurocarparts who I'm usually happy with , however it didn't come with a pulley , took the old alternator off , there's no way Pulley is coming off that one !! , I bought it from them for £82 because they refund £25.00 for the old one when you take it back , however I think I'm taking the new one back because I can get an Alternator elsewhere for £65 with the pulley , a pulley cost £10.00 so im actually better off without the £25 refund and i dont have to bother messing with the pulley
  2. Ok , this appears to be two problems , I changed the belt , the old one looked fine , however screeching has stopped so it wasn't , I have temporarily disconnect fogs and no further problems , however I now agree that there must be some sort of electrical issue with fogs , 1 thing I have noticed is that although the fogs came on when switching the switch , the illuminated switch didnt light up , I assumed it was the switch , however I tested it and it isn't so I will investigate further , Thanks
  3. Fogs are earthed directly to battery , I bought a new belt a while back in case of Emergencies so I'll put that on and see if it makes any difference.
  4. I have just driven to Bath from Birmingham, about 2/3s of the way it started getting dark so I turned on the spots and headlights , when I started to slow down when getting into Bath the alternator starter to screech so I sprayed some oil on it and it stopped ( very technical ) . When I tried to start land rover on way back ... Nothing , not even a click , luckily I had a spare battery so connected it and was on my way . However in the cab on way back I have a device that measures the charge on the battery , as soon as I put the front fogs on the alternator screeched and reading went down from approx 13.2 to 8! , Turned it off and it went back up . There is obviously a massive drain from fogs that is killing battery , Fogs have been on for approx 8 months but thinking about it I probably haven't taken it out in the dark since then . They are aftermarket , however all relayed and fused up . Should I take them out or is there a solution . Thanks
  5. neilc

    New starter woes

    Thanks for responses , I have noticed that the engine slightly over runs on shut down , starter aperture looks fine with no damage (thank god for mobile phones ! and selfie sticks) should i have greased the starter before putting it in ?, its seemed to run freely , I did check. should it literally have been greased with grease? Thanks.
  6. I booked the last week off work to spend time with my family ... Didn't happen , bleeding hands and back ache again ! , I've had to be lots of various things on the Land Rover , wife and family are not impressed . I only have one question , I gave up on old starter and bought a new one , it now starts first time everytime , however it makes a very brief grind before kicking in , it doesn't struggle it just makes a slight noise , any ideas , hopefully it's just the new one bedding in ( Please God ) . Thanks
  7. It Didnt work ! , The brushes kept detaching , I've ordered some new brushes so it will be easy enough , I think I will drill a small hole in the post and put a small screw through the brush wire and through the post as I'm finding it very difficult to solder the wire to the post , it's just not sticking and I've done plenty of soldering in the past
  8. neilc

    Arrggh no spark

    What is it actually doing, clicking? , trying to start ? , The fuses wont cause the problem , are leads on in correct order ? I imagine it's the condenser or points , use the old trick I use to set them with a piece of very thin paper , the points should barely touch , is there a vacuum advance , if so was it put back on ?
  9. Thanks , I have managed to remove the brushes from the existing wire and also have some thick auto wire , I was hoping to cut 2 inch of wire and solder the brushes on each end (remember the brushes are only 3 weeks old and ive only started it twice since replacing!), However I spent a good 2 hrs yesterday trying to get the wires to solder into the brush holes , they werent taking so well , any tips? , I thought that I might push the wires into the holes and use a small amount of that metal putty that you blend to plug the wires into the holes , I might have another go tonight , however soldering brushes on the kitchen worktop doesnt go down too well when your family are decorating the tree and watching Christmas films.
  10. Im taking the Landy (series 3 , lucas starter , poss the original one) away for the new year , I removed the starter , serviced it and replaced it about 3 weeks ago , all went well until it wouldnt start , I thought the solder had come off the post so removed it and opened it up , the wire with one of the brushes on has literally snapped , I think i applied to much heat when initially soldering the joint to the pole so I know what the issue is . it became very brittle , .The issue I have now is that I need new brushes in the next few days , I only actually need one of the pair , the one that doesnt have a bolt attached , Does anyone know anywhere in Birmingham that I can just walk into and get them over the counter , or does anyone on the forum have a set they want to sell. Theres obviously loads on ebay but they are all for delivery on 5-7 Jan. Thank , ive tried Paddocks they havent got any! Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Evening all , This afternoon I attempted to put the starter back in , any advice on how to do this ? Ive got it more or less into position but now it won't go flush into the casing , is it just a case of having a bit of patience or is there a knack to it ?
  12. All done , not fitted yet though , the hardest part was re soldering the brushes , I had to use a small butane torch to get it to stick , it took a good while and a lot of patience !
  13. Thanks Simon ,I will do that next week , I'm quite looking forward to doing it , I do find that with my Landy , it's always a journey into the unknown , one day youre ready to scrap it and the next it surprises you.
  14. I've just got into the bloody thing using various methods , the screws are ruined but I've found a place that sells them for £11.50 for the pair , it just seems full of carbon inside , the brushes seem good however 2 seem shorter than the other , I think for about £20 I could give it a go , what do you think ? New brushes , new screws , clean up .
  15. Will a impact screwdriver help ?, I did wonder if I could use a Dremel to cut the screws so they had 2 flat sides and then try a spanner . Can you buy new screws from anywhere , I have zero money to buy a new starter so if it comes to it I'm going to have to cut the heads off and then try to get into it to have a look and see if I can somehow work threads out , the irony of me having a Land Rover to combat winter is in the 5 years I've owned it , it's alway out of action in winter!
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