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  1. This is very frustrating , I have managed to remove and replace the studs for my new exhaust downpipe with relative easy , however I am now having difficulty getting the collar on the downpipe to line up with the manifold surface . I'm assuming it is supposed to be flush but even when the bolts are really tight to the point where I think the studs are going to snap , any advice please , is it that the flared end of the exhaust might be going on at a slight angle ? Advice would be appreciated , Thanks
  2. Thanks, Looking at that it looks as if a 7 inch roof rack may just clear the roof , I might give it a go
  3. I am not at home at present so I can't measure the land rover roof , I have just been offered a roof rack , (gutter clamp style ) I have a series 3 , the clearance on the rack between clamp and rack is 7 inches , is this enough to clear the gutter ridges on the roof ? I would appreciate any advice , Thanks
  4. Gazzar , the ones I have or the ones suggested? Thanks
  5. No it's manifold to downpipe , can anyone suggest an alternative , to be fair the bolts didn't come of the studs as you can see they all came out together , I could just lubricate the old ones and put them back in , the fact that I couldn't get the nuts off the studs could be an advantage. Still easier to use bolts if anyone can recommend , thanks
  6. Is there any reason why these bolts won't work instead of studs/nuts , they are made of zinc ? Is that good or bad ??
  7. Ok , just an update for you , nut splitters are sh*ite I bought one yesterday , it broke..... Yesterday but not before it slipped and cut into the thread of the stud . I did however manage to remove all of the studs this morning ( the one at the back is fiddly ) there is enough of the thread to get 2 new bolts over the existing one so I used this method, It was amazing A ratchet spanner , 13mm on the back was handy because there is very little space to move a spanner so youre moving it a very small amount at a time . Believe me if you didn't know about this already (and I didn't ) it does work
  8. Sorry , I was literally talking about the spanner size , I think I will use a nut splitter to split the nuts as I really don't want the stud snapping off , its difficult enough to get to the nuts without having to drill the studs out as well. Thanks , ive bought a fitting kit so ill have a look whats in there . 2a-Egg , from what ive seen/read it is from underneath thats what ill be trying first.
  9. I've fitted a few exhaust back boxes etc over the years , they were all ones where pipes slid into pipes and were clamped . On all these occasions I used paste , my complete series 3 exhaust came today ( more excited than I should be about a piece of metal ) and all the pieces are either face to face with gaskets or they use the what I think is called the olive ring connection , do I need to use paste , I know I probably should but if not necessary I won't , Nearly ready for MOT !!! Oh and also could anyone please advice re the nut size of the 3 bolts on the downpipe from manifold please , I can't get one to fit Thanks
  10. neilc

    Can I sorn through 40 year mot?

    I've just read this on the DVLA site The 40-year rule rolls so that if your car was first registered on 1 September 1981, for instance, you won't need an MOT after September 1, 2021, and so on… Annoyingly for me mine was registered on 31/12/1982 !
  11. My land rover series is 38 years old, it's a few days over its mot due date , however I'm getting around to finishing the work and it should be ready by the end of the month ( I've booked it in and sorn it ).I have a question regarding a hypothetical scenario . I read that if a car is now over 40 years old and hasn't had any modifications then it no longer requires an Mot . However this is a rolling year so for example mine that was made in 82 , won't require an Mot from 1/1/2022 . But my question is this , if an MOT runs out on ie 12/11/ 2021 can it be sorn until the end of the year and then put it on the road without an Mot on 1/1/2022?
  12. I've just bought a new complete exhaust for my 82 swb series 3 , obviously if rather the studs on the downpipe didn't snap , has anyone tried using a bolt splitter on these , I know patience and heat and lubricant might work , however I'm going for the easiest way possible , I'd appreciate any thoughts , thanks
  13. neilc

    Help me hide bad welding

    Great , thank you both
  14. neilc

    Help me hide bad welding

    I've just welded some patches into my footwells , I'm too embarrassed to provide photos , it's not good , however they are strong and I angle grinded what I could off , I've just put some rust converter on the inside and it's all pretty solid , is there some sort of thick sealent that I can paint on to hide the iffy welds then I'll repaint the whole of the inside . Is Tiger seal any good and if so is it appropriate to use ? Thanks
  15. Whilst in the well known camping and mountain bike shop Halfords I noticed in their 2 ft square automotive department that they have H5 LED bulbs that will fit the headlights on the series 3 , these are the bulbs that have the little yellow squares on , are these compatible , I see you can get complete fitting upgrades online and also bulbs with built in fans to cool them. Is there an obvious reason these wont work, if Halfords are selling them in assuming that they have passed all the relevant safety tests.

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