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  1. Yeah it's the bloody headlights again , I'll have a look at relays , thanks ,
  2. The series works without fuses , this has come to my attention as I am replacing yet another melted stalk , I understand this is something to do with the feed being on the wrong side of the fusebox so it's permanently live , is there an easy way to resolve this , what is the process please , I'd really appreciate some help , as always , thanks.
  3. Morning , I realised on a recent journey that my headlights were useless , I looked up advice as always on this site , ran a earth directly from - to light and it's all good so obviously a earth issue ( easy ) . Traced earth wire bolt to just below clutch cylinder , and it's basically black and covered in carp , The query I have is this , I could just run another wire from lamp to any earth point directly , the other option of course is to clean the existing earth point however I have no issues with other electrics , should I take the easy option lamp- earth would this cause a problem , I'm assuming not
  4. I was trying to avoid contacting my insurance , I have a protected no claims but they will increase premium (seems pointless protecting no claims if they are taking the money by increasing premium anyway) Bowie69 , what they are trying to say is "we have painted a height on the entrance , the entrance isn't actually that height at this point , however there is possibly a lower point later on in the maze" the fact that there was an attendant at the entrance who waved me in doesn't seem to be relevant to them.
  5. Just had a call from council insurance , obviously wanting to tick this one off the list, they are stating that the headroom sign at the entrance to the car park states the lowest point and isn't an actual indication of "if you can pass this youre ok". also they are stating that I cant just measure the height of my vehicle for the report and send in a photo , apparently I need to provide the exact details from the handbook , They didn't know what a series was , they said "ill assume its a defender"? Ill have to have a look and measure the height , to be honest im not holding my breath
  6. This photo proves how I got in and parked up without any trouble (just!) However when you are going down a slope it's not so easy
  7. Ok , Land rovers are tall , however if i drive my series into a car park that has a sign with hazard markings on stating a maximum height and I don't hit the sign and drive up 4 levels and don't hit the ceiling but then when I come down I scrape the carp out of the roof and get it jammed can I claim! . Let's just says it was bloody embarrassing , I was wedged , there were 10 cars behind me and they weren't too happy . I had to let the tyres down to get it out ! .Ok but seriously (all of that did happen ) surely the height of the barrier that swings on a chain should equal the lowest point of the car park ? , I now have serious damage to my roof which will need filling , sanding and respraying .
  8. I often travel home from night shifts in the early hrs and when I get back it is light , on a few occasions I have left my lights on and the battery had died , if I fit a tiny red led to the light switch to indicate it is on and attach it to the dash am I going to need a fuse ? I'm assuming not ,it will literally be a tiny red led .
  9. Thanks , has anyone got any experience of getting the old ones out? im hoping that I can just prise them out with a screwdriver.
  10. When i bought the series 3 it had solid sides and I really needed windows , I was lucky enough to do a straight exchange with someone who wanted the opposite , however the sides that I received had the rubber strips build into them as if they were pressed in and they were pretty brittle so you can now see light through the gap , my original sides literally had the rubber seals strips between hub/sides/roof , are these pressed in ones easy to remove and replace or can i just cut them out and use the ones that just lay flat between the surface? , they do seem quite expensive , can i just buy a strip of universal rubber self adhesive in a roll from ebay if the width is correct , these seem to sell for about £7 for 5 metres . Thanks.
  11. I will be replacing the oil seal on the transfer box in the morning of my series 3 88 , I have a hub oil seal that has the lip on it and looks the same size , can I use that ?, I appreciate the transfer seals are only about a fiver , however ive got this surplus to requirements and it will save me waiting for one from paddocks. Thanks.
  12. Weirdly yeah ,they were all greased and seals still on , the only thing I can think is that they were ground down so bad that they disintegrated!
  13. Ive got a bad vibration which I'm assuming is a the rear prop , I've taken it off , replaced ujs and I'll put it back in later , when I removed one of the cups there was no sign of any needles , not even the shattered remains , not even black dust , they were there when I installed them ! Have they just broken down ? Where would the fragments go ?weird because 2 of the ends were perfect but the opposite end to this one had a few broken needles . Thanks .
  14. This should be an easy one (not for me) I have decided to install a key lock into the passenger side of the series 3 as im fed up of getting in and leaning over to twist the lock , I have purchased the lock and it looks pretty simple , all I need to do is drill a hole in the metal plate where the lock goes , can anyone please advise what size the hole is please . Thank you.
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