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  1. Has anyone ever managed to replace the yellow washer bottle top with something else that fits , mine has split , how can they be £10+ , ridiculous , I've hunted through the recycling and tried countless different bottle tops but they are either too large or too small ,I don't mind spending decent money on parts but £10 for a 50p size of yellow plastic is ridiculous , any sensible suggestions would be appreciated , thanks .
  2. Morning , Just a quick question re 40 year MOT exemption , does the car need an actual 40th year MOT? The situation I am in is this , my MOT next year (year 40 ) expires in July , However my series wasnt manufactured until September so technically im assuming it requires an MOT from July until September. Is this the case? if not can I just park it up for 6 weeks or doesnt it require a valid MOT when the 40 years kicks in Thanks,
  3. Markyboy , Sorry , havent been on forum over last couple of weeks , I can get it later today if you still require it.
  4. its all a bit make shift at moment , im jut about to make it secure . Thanks.
  5. https://photos.app.goo.gl/1MY78ccmximTfUxM8 Finally received my Chinese relay headlight loom., needed a bit of chopping and changing , however I've installed it with no real issues , no need for illegal bulbs now ! Thanks all for advice
  6. IVe sorted it thanks It was the ridge that the valve slid down , it wasnt machined properly so I filed mms off it and now it works great, thanks for all the advice. Cheers.
  7. Hello again , Just looking at this , thick and thin brown wires go to the starter solenoid , a lot of people state they have theirs going directly to he starter motor itself , does it make any difference? , if it doesnt it would be a lot easier for me to take the wires to the starter rather than the solenoid .
  8. Evening , I have fitted a new alternator and realised that the plug was covered in oil , I ordered a new one ( when i look at it now ill probably clean the old one up and add new spades as the new one is a bit flimsy) and removed the old plug , I have put the new plug on , however the wires and coating were very brittle and I had to cut off about 2cm to get the new connectors on , it works , however im not that happy with it. i know where all the wires go and what they do , however can I just order a 17 AMP thick wire and 2 smaller wires (approx 1 metre) and just send the same 2 to
  9. Thinking about it I might just buy the 17 amp wire and relays as suggested by snagger this eBay set up looks really thin.
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153763778314 Apologies , thanks
  11. Could I use one of these harnesses , it isn't fused directly ( would be tidier) however there is an in line fuse , I could buy red/white , red/ blue cable , 2 fused relays , bullet connectors , spade connectors for about another £10 , however that seems to be creating a lot of connections and therefore more room for error , bullet connectors alone are a complete nightmare . This seems to be all sealed , although the earths look this so I would probably bulk them up a bit https://photos.app.goo.gl/1xwGdDJkCxHvRcaZA
  12. I will initially rewire the red/blue , white/blue wires to bullet connectors and bulbs and add relays before upgrading bulbs , I'll even try to get original coloured wiring ! , Can anyone suggest what type strength of wire would be best , thanks .
  13. Evening , I have halogen bulbs in the landy 82 series 3, 55w , original wiring , I if add fused relays I read that I can upgrade to 100w without melting the dash/switches , as always I have a query , I read that 100w bulbs are illegal for use in vehicles made after 1986 ( I think that's right) , this doesn't affect me, however , if this is the case why are they so readily available? , also with the fused relays will my current wiring cope and where is the best place to position them Thanks in advance , My current headlights , wires , earth , connections are a
  14. I'll have a look , that would make perfect sense , I'll let you know , thanks
  15. About 18 months ago I fitted a new heater valve its been a problem ever since ( not a major issue ) , every time I switch lever from cold to hot or reverse it springs back , I have taken the cable out , removed it from surround and oiled it , it moves freely in the surround to the point that I can totally take cable out and feed it back in freely , the valve also moves fully by hand with ease , however if you connect the cable to the valve its as if there is resistance and when you push the lever down it springs back up. I have adjusted the cable so that it does reach extremes , on/off w
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