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  1. Yes well the test was done today, I went out with it connected up then disconnected it. The result was different, being better with it disconnected, is this the tell tale sign that I need a new Maf or do I have other problems. I expected it to be the same not a bit better. Thanks for the help everybody
  2. Thanks for the responses - I will investigate further and get back to you.
  3. Thanks, I dont have diagnostic gear available, so I'll have to ask about, however the Maf sensor could be the answer, and with the bad conditions experienced the other day I did get a missfire.
  4. Recently I have been experiencing a loss of power for going uphills, especially in the wet, Under normal driving conditions the power is slow to come in, like turbo lag, I've not had this before, the power has always gone on virtually straight away. Anyone out there got any ideas, Starts OK , just passed it's mot equivelant here in Portugal, and it's importation inspection, so emissions are OK / combustion. Diesel consumption is slightly less here than it was in Spain where it has come from. Could it be injectors, turbo, filters, air strangulation, I say that because of the poor performance in the heavy rain and spray on the motorway, (unusual conditions for us down here). I've had it from new , had the injectors changed after an experience with lead free diesel about 6 years ago, apart from that we've done OK, but at a loss with this. Cheers
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