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  1. Yes bear, made sure it was with AC and ACE, it fits perfect just a bit of slack, can't even get finger between belt and a pulley, just loose!
  2. Discovery 2 TD5 51 plate, eg feb 2002 new Idler pulley , tensioner and belt, but belt is slack? I torqued up the tensioner before fitting belt. should I loosen it to take up slack then torque back up? I have located the pin on mounting ok.
  3. Thanks guys, this thread is a great help. Probably got a 12 point socket but at 3 quid I bought another off ebay just to make sure
  4. ok will give it a go but I am not that good at file transfer!!
  5. Ok guys , Anybody have the torque settings for Idler pulley ans belt tensioner please?
  6. Hi everyone. New on here, looking forward to a few chats etc. had D2 since 2011, now on 141000, love it although it has cost a bit but then it is a landie! mods include silicon hoses, snorkel, running boards, toyo all country ( great tyres) , winch bumper, spots, sump guard, moved washer bottle to bulkhead.
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