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  1. Thanks Mike. Hope your able to get out and enjoy that incredible machine.
  2. Thankyou for sharing, I bet she’s a beast. For the front set up how do you go about with the links not hitting sump or the manifolds?
  3. Your right, once you get through to the checkout no tax is added. On a separate note have you any experience with a duel triangulated 4 link system?
  4. US Taxes i.e like our VAT. Thanks I’ll take a look.
  5. Great video. Very interesting. Definitely got me thinking. He used some seriously heavy duty stuff on that discovery. It’ll be a beast. Checked out Barnes 4x4 website. Shame we don’t have anyone in the UK like that. I think the import costs would make it unrealistic. Hell maybe having closer links with the US would be good but that’s probably a topic for another forum topic!
  6. Just looked at both the RAC and 4xForce options and correct me if I’m wrong neither look heavy duty enough to handle a day’s trialling. Unless their made of something stronger than the existing radius arms and even they bend. Can you post any pictures of your setup or are they “trade” secrets?
  7. Spoke to our clerk of the course for our club and he didn’t see any issues with it. Can you recommend a setup for either a 3 or 1 front link?
  8. Yes a wide angle GL A frame. Currently using Old Man Emu +5.5 shocks. Not sure how much longer shocks I can use without falling foul of other issues. I suppose what your saying is that I have a good enough setup as it is for the truck. I’m certainly not looking any further than club level trials but would like to mix it up and keep it interesting.
  9. Would using Johnny joints on all links aid to better flexing?
  10. The radius arms have been adjusted by Gwyn Lewis for camber correction etc. The rear is as it was just with the watts linkage removed and again Gwyn Lewis trailing arms.
  11. It’s a Tomcat 80 on a cut down disco 2 chassis. I’ve already got a mostly Gwyn Lewis set up. Don’t get me wrong it’s an already capable truck but was just looking at something different, and also to wind my fellow club members up with! Will have a look at front setups but always thought they were mainly used on bigger vehicles but since your first post I see the Jeep boys have been using them for years. Do you compete?
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