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  1. Hi guys, After some info from anyone with any tuning knowledge, ive been playing about with my 200tdi and am looking for more power without swapping the engine. So far I have done the usual full width intercooler shortened the waste gate actuator turned up the fuel pump spun the starwheel and moved the boost pin. With diesels im aware to get more power I need more fuel and more boost, the boost I know has a limit and I haven't got to that get with my stock disco 200tdi turbo. regarding fuel from what I know too much fuel and my egts will be too high when the engine is under
  2. Yh I have figured that out now and will post a pic soon with my new wheels and tyres. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the input after some calculations and you guys advice Im going to get some 7x16 steels from raptor 4x4 with 0 offset and i should only sit 9mm in without spacers Turns out my boost alloys are 16x8 aswell. cheers Ben
  4. I have had a look and Cant find D1 steel wheels with +33mm offset. Any idea why? Cheers
  5. Hi guys, I am new to this page and only 17 so take it easy. I currently have a 1990 90 truck cab it has a set of boost alloys, these wheels are 16x7 and have an offset of +33 these are paired with some continetal tyres that are 235/85. I also have 30mm spacers behind these wheels(put on by previous owner.) I am looking at getting some new steel wheels and some Toyo open country MTS, I would get the same size tyre but i cant get steel wheels with +33mm offset However i could get rid of my 30mm spacers and just get some zero offset steel wheels. I am worried that these tyres might foul
  6. I know this is an old post but I took the boost pin out of my injector pump and in doing so I lost the plastic collar that's sits above the starwheel, this was a stupid mistake on my half and the collar has completely disappeared. Question is can I run the engine without the collar and can anyone help me source a collar. Cheers Ben
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