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  1. So I made a start on this yesterday, got both boxes out, luckily I have a double garage which has made it a bit easier but my advice to anyone doing this, if you can get access to a ramp it will be done in no time. So currently my 200tdi has a new clutch and the R380 box out of my 300tdi bolted straight on, no modification needed here from me anyway 😁 with only the weight being the most difficult part so far. I still need to change the speedo drive and the handbrake before I can fit the R380s t-box. As FridgeFreezer said, both gearboxes are the same overall length - the gear stick on the R380 box sits a little further back than the LT77 by half inch or so because of this so i may need to 'alter' the centre console to suit or maybe I can do something with the shifter instead but I'll address that later. 🤔 I plan to use the R380s gearbox mount, but I have both so will see what fits and post an update.
  2. Hi everyone, here's my plan. I have a 1994 300tdi with a rough body and a rotton chassis, good engine and box which I believe would be an R380 gearbox.. I also have a 1992 200tdi with a good body and great condition chassis, engine is spot on.. gearbox is not.. banging into gear when you take up the drive and I believe this to be the LT77 gearbox. As the 300 is going to the scrappies, could I remove the R380, attach the LT77s bellhousing and then refit to my 200tdi? I'm pretty new to all this landrover stuff and I've been doing a lot of reading online, some folk saying don't do it and others saying they've done it.. realistically I'm looking for the cheapest option to get the old girl back on the road 😁🤣 Also - are the transfer boxes on the 200 and the 300 interchangeable? theres other aspects of the drivetrain I would like to check first before committing to the gearbox swap incase I'm missing something but I just want to be sure it can be done and be able to speak with someone that's successfully done it. Im not looking to swap the engine at all btw. all help is greatly received and much appreciated. Nick
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