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  1. thankyou this is just what im looking for really helps
  2. no as it been cut down to 88 inch so was wondering if any one has a distance from front of chassis ect as i know will have to make a short rear prop but been told the front of all chassis are the same up to front outriggers
  3. hi guys i was wondering if any one has any measurements for welding in new engine mounts to fit a 300tdi engine into what i think is classic range rover chassis many thanks
  4. thankyou for your reply never thort tyres could be so complex
  5. thankyou very much how ever insa turbo dont do a 215 or 225 so maybe need to look at dimonds or maybe another type
  6. its going on a 88 inch ccv trials with defender 1 axels will be used only for trials the terrain could be any thing from rock to mud to forest
  7. ive now got to the stage of choosing tyres for the new build i have decided to go for insa turbo special trac as used them before and found them good but was wondering what size most of you trial lads or lasses run a few told me to go with 205 others say 225 or 235 80 16 so any feed back would be great thanks
  8. firstly ive build 3 off roaders from scratch so i know to use spanners thankyou very much it was a simple question if widen a wheel track does it reduce the turning circle so no need to be insulting to question
  9. as an ex mot inspector the area is very grey according to the book that we follow it say no louder than a similar type of vehicle has no leaks and is fixed properly to the vehicle and away from fuel and brake lines and it does not endanger public with fumes ect then there is not reason to fail it how ever just be aware if its was fitted with a cat that must be fitted a lot of the mot test is down to descretion of the tester hope this helps
  10. yes i know that thanks but was just wondering if the wider u go with spacers does it decrease the turning circle as got the stops taken out thanks
  11. hi all just a quick question if wheel spacers are fitted to front axel does it alter the turning circle of the truck as need it my new build to be wide but also good lock on it ive adjusted the steering lock bolts but going for wider tyres and the hit hockey sticks many thanks guys
  12. yes that is one way but running with large bump stops so thort it would be easier to try and find new springs rather than welding the newly sprayed chassis
  13. once again need help with the new build the big question of springs i know alot of people use the blue and white range rover 133lb springs as the are very soft which is what i kneed how ever this is the problem i have on the rear it has slide plate extreme disconnecting pads welded onto the chassis spring locating brackets these plates give a 4 inch lift which im trying keep the centre of gravity as low as poss the standard rear blue and white springs are only 1 inch shorter that the fronts so the back will be 3 inches higher so i was wondering if any of u guys know of maybe a spring off anoth
  14. thanks for you comment most helpful cheers andy
  15. thanks all for your comments i never gave it a thort that the lsd would fight against the fiddle brakes have to look at plan B now good job i had not ordered it
  16. thanks for that ive put an ashcroft lsd in so should be ok with that in
  17. hi all just need a bit of help as heard different answers i have a 90 defender with 1999 disco 1 axels on it i am splitting the brake system so the foot brake just does front wheels and i will be putting fiddle brakes on rear i have big bore fiddle chambers so i was looking to put maybe 110 front calipers on the rear as they are bigger pads and twin pistons to get better braking force has any one done this and is it a good upgrade by the way this is a total off road truck not been used on road thanks in advance for any help
  18. hi it has a discovery 1 300 tdi and auto box in it
  19. hi all i bought a 1988 90 pick up and turning it into a 80 inch ccv ive been told only to cut 7 inches out or rear prop wont work has anyone done one if so any help would be most welcome thanks in advance
  20. hi i have a 1988 defender with lift up handle and sliding windows im turning it into a ccv off roader and need wind down windows are all defenders door the same and would they fit into my 1988 model many thanks for any help andy
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