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  1. That’s v useful - thanks again. Have enjoyed reading your ambulance thread!
  2. Thanks both, that is very useful. I’m glad they’re minor probs....I’m converting a LHD VM LT77 to a RHD 4.6 R380 and each step throws up an issue to puzzle over....lots of probs add up and you have to make sure you break them back down so you don’t get fed up with it all!! Most you can sort, but some best to ask. Using Nigel’s Megasquirt gems kit, he recommends Ford coil packs. He’s a busy man though, so been trying to get hold of him to make sure I order all the rights bits.
  3. Hi all - I’m someone else trying to plumb up a standard 4.6 gems (with megasquirt) into a RRC...and hitting some issues... The standard oil filter location isn’t going to work - is the best option to use a remote oil filter. I see mocal do a complete kit. There are also issues with the coll packs (mounted on a bar at the rear of the engine) being in the way of the heater matrix water pipers. Presume Ford G1 coil packs are the answer? I understand the PAS pipework might be a problem as well? Any tips from anyone who’s done an instillation gratefully received. thx
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