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  1. OK, thanks gents. So maybe I'm prepared to knock a little bit of money off for this then......
  2. Hi, Am I right in saying that all series 1's had timing chains and that they do not require routine replacement? Mine's a 1999 3.9 V8 EFi Auto Series 1. Reason I ask is that I have a buyer and he is quizzing me about it...... Thanks in advance. Ben
  3. You're right. Gave it a good tug and it released it's load....
  4. The old seat belt wasn't retracting properly so I bought a new one to replace. The problem is the new one seems to be locked somehow and I can't figure out how to retract the belt. The old one is now out of the car but that is also locked! Maybe I'm missing something simple, but I stuck at present. Any ideas greatfully recieved. Thanks Ben
  5. Alistair, Thanks, will take a look at this. Can you identify which is the socket you are referring to from my picture? Is it the orange one? Thanks Ben
  6. Another inconclusive result. Running fine now..... I've decided to sell it, after 9months of grief. It's too unreliable.
  7. I certainly did. Was working perfectly before this...... god knows what's happening. Will go get the car tonight and find out more.
  8. We've got a winner! Looks like a new airflow meter is on the cards .....
  9. Used to use Green stuff with EBC vented and drilled discs on my errr...... Lotus..... never had a problem with them and that thing got tracked. Heard some BS about people warping the discs but I never had an issue and I dont' think they could have been pushed much harder . They were great for non-fouling the alloys and improved stopping distance. Eventually changed the lot to 4-pot Wilwoods though cos the standard calipers were the limiting factor.
  10. Not inertia switch and no Alarm system fitted. Got it towed away last night - will let you know the outcome....
  11. Thanks guys. It's a 1999 Series 1 3.9 with Hotwire 14CUX EFI. Not sure it's got an alarm, but will look into that. Read the info on the Spider, it does sound like it could be that. Especially the starting at a later date... Inertia switch is easy to check too, will try again when I get home tonight.
  12. Had it break down on me twice before and it's just happened again. Basically it will turn over but won't fire. There's no fuel getting to the engine. I've got a full tank before you ask! Last 2 times it just fixed itself! Main dealer fixed a pressure gauge and took it for 100km ride - no problems with pressure. What else could it be?? Can a faulty fuel temp sensor cut the fuel supply?
  13. Replaced both pipes and hey presto no leak and my engine bay looks just like Tea Bags!! (Well those two pipes look clean anyway)
  14. No Diesels in Qatar! I did have the Air Mass tuned just last week (by Bosch) but I guess the ECU is adaptive and I never drove it long enough with the new sensor on before getting it tuned?? Either that or they just didn't know the correct target setttings?? Also, I am wondering about the possibility of retro-fitting O2 sensors. I will run her "as is" for the time being and enjoy a little bit of reliabliity! Thanks for everyones help.
  15. I'm pretty sure the problem is fixed. I took a voltmeter reading of the MAF CO trim value with the intention of having a little trial and error with the setting. I made the mixture richer with half a turn of the screw and hey presto I can't get it do anything it shouldn't. Gave it about 40km testing fast/slow/stopping suddenly - all good. Obviously still needs a little more testing and will probably get it tuned again through the main dealer, but for now it's looking good.
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