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  1. 300 TDI Engines - new stock?

    Hi Gents, appreciate the feedback, I'll send Turners an email - I can source the ancillaries with little problem, thanks for all the help. cheers P
  2. I am looking for a new engine for my Defender 300tdi, appreciate it is a long shot but does anyone know where I can purchase one new in the crate? I am based in NZ, so will be shipping International, so an exchange unit is not ideal. Alternatively can you give feedback on the various engine re-conditioners in UK. Thanks V much P
  3. Loss of power and black smoke

    This is a view of the turbocharger to intercooler hose, very hard to see any defect from the outside. The inside was completely blocked. Worth checking if you have a 300TDI
  4. Loss of power and black smoke

    Gents, Thanks for all the advice, I pulled off the 90 degree elbow between the turbo and the intercooler inlet pipe and found the hose to have collapsed inside , causing a large balloon which blocked all air flow. I'll post a photo soon. The exterior of the hose looked fine Thanks V much, engine pulling great now I have replaced this hose.
  5. Hi I have a 1998 300tdi 110, and the engine has started to loose power intermitently, and emit thick black smoke. This typically occurs once I have slowed down to go round a corner. Stopping the engine and restarting seems to get the vehicle back to normal. Vehivle has over 400,000 KM on engine, so is a bit worn. Thinking it may be the turbo - any ideas? thanks
  6. Loss of Power

    I had a similar problem and it was the electric fuel pump that had failed. The car would loose power going up steep hills etc. The check engine light would come on when accelerating and then clear when foot lifted off accelerator. If the check engine light is coming on at same time, you should be able to read the fault code. cheers and good luck
  7. Thanks for al the help so far, I have already fited the TD5 gauges to my 300tdi -fantastic upgrade, so no problem with fitting the electronic gear into the TD5 box. The seller did advise that the box was for the TD5 was for a post 03 vehicle, and that I would need a high/low switch IGM500011 and adaptor wire YMQ105170 if fitting to an earlier vehicle. Got the serial number of the D2 box (BAF24, 1.211 Ratio 4wd, 70D105072G) Not sure if it has diff lock fitted. Best regards P
  8. This is a great place - will chase up the serial number of the D2 box, in mean time have to admit the TD5 box is looking good. Cheers P
  9. Thanks James, The price is around 250 quid which for a new box seems good. Not sure if the 300 tdi would cope with the increase in ratio using the Disco? however engine has been rebuilt and is good as. Might just pick up the TD5 and take it from there. All the best P
  10. Thanks for the replies, I've also the option for a Transfer box from a Disco 2 IAB500090, same deal, new parts ex store. Might be worthwhile picking the disco up, as it has higher gearing - will do a bit more research. Thanks for help so far
  11. I have the option of obtaining a new Defender TD5 transfer box part no. IAB500104 (LT 230 code 57D), the vehicle I have is an early 300 TDI, with standard R380 gearbox and 22D transfer case. Is it possible to utilise the TD5 transfer box on my vehicle? The price looks reasonable, and as I am in Kiwi, may be a handy thing to have on hand. Ratio is the same at 1.410 Cheers and thanks P
  12. 300TDI LIFT PUMP 1995

    I often get a squeak when pulling under load, and I tend to cure it by cleaning the crankshaft pulley grooves with a toothbrush. Dust/grime gets in there and makes the serpentine belt squeel. Check all your pulleys for dirt cheers P
  13. Crank shaft bolt

    I have a difflock locking bar, whilst it may not be the cheapest, I've used it to change many belts and I think its worth the money. Makes the job a breeze Get yourself the correct tool, or alternatively the whole kit, and you will be changing a timing belt in no time. cheers P
  14. 300TDI LIFT PUMP 1995

    The injector pump on the 300tdi is a modified Bosch VE. This has a basic vane type fuel pump inside. This allows the injector pump to continue operating, even if the lift pump has failed. Performance may be down as injector pump needs to draw the fuel from the tank, as opposed to having a constant positive pressure supply to the inlet. Engine may operate easily without any load, but loses power when put under load. Puff of black smoke usually indicates excess fuel in the cylinder. Can you turn the engine over by hand? cheers Paul
  15. I'd tend to agree with Vulcan Bomber, and advocate checking the half shafts for wear before delving into the differential. Chance are that the drive flanges are getting worn. The splines are much more susceptible to wear than the differential. Best to start with the simpler components. One thing is that the differential backlash on a Defender is quite large. cheers P