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  1. Hi there


    sorry to bother you. Just a quick question. I know you did your oil cooler before on your D2. Just wondering if this gasket: http://m.ebay.ie/itm/271464110146

    is it for the centrifugal oil filter body to the engine block or is it for the screw type oil filter!!

    thanks  in advance for your help.


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    2. Tibout


      Hi George 


      thanks for reply. Yeah I had a look at the rave yesterday. I've order couple of gasket. I have a bad leak in around tat area so going to change any gasket o ring. 

      Thanks for your help


    3. Shackleton


      Ok, that housing for the screw type filter can crack which is difficult to notice, but I've had one that when it cracked I could see the oil coming out of it with the engine running. So do check that.

    4. Tibout


      Thanks George. Turns out that the leak was coming from the centrifugal filter housing. The thread in one of them was damaged I think and wasn't sealing properly. So retapped it and and bit of sealant with the seal and looks like it's done the job. I've changed all the other gasket o ring and seal around that area just in case

  2. thanks lads pictures will be great i'm just wondering if i'll re trim y actual one's or try to get something more comfy may be
  3. hi does anyone know any alternative seats i can fit in a defender 90 without any major modification. something comfortable and cheap and easy enough to source in a scrap yard for e.g thanks a mil thierry
  4. Yeah i will start playing with it next and get the feeling thanks again guys
  5. That's really of great help now at least I know what Im looking at and what to do thank you so much guys really really appreciate King regards thierry
  6. Hi thanks guys so basiclly if Ive got this right if I'm driving normally it should be in high at the back and lever towards me on the right. Then if I push it forward still on the right that's in low for more traction. And if I push it to the left on low it lock the differential best use when doing extreme off roading. If I lock it in high what's that for. And what about when it's on neutral in the middle? Does that just put the drive train in neutral? what's the purpose for? Also what's the best way of selecting each diffenrent option should the landy be in a halt position or on the move? Sor
  7. Hi there been rebuilding my 2.5 td 90 year 88 for a while now. I'm getting there. I've got which might seem a stupid question! But can anyone explain me how to work the small lever and when to use the different option of hi and low neutral etc. And where should it be position fir normal driving please. I'll really appreciate any help thanks thierry
  8. Hey mark thanks did you replace your cv joint as well and drive flange spline?

  9. Hi there read your post o think I'm having the same problem with my reverse was it hard to change the plunger or pretty straight forward? How did you get to it? Thanking you in advance

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