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  1. Sorry Snagger - can you just clarify this bit: "had to be red times in just 15,000" thanks B
  2. I got a Richards, and the people who did the swap (in 2014/15 - it took them a while) said they were the only real choice )back then. never heard anything negative.
  3. Interesting stuff - my DAB antenna is inside, stuck to the alpine window light, under a patriot roof rack, and close to a supporting leg - Its hopeless.
  4. Ive been gently nudging Shabs to make an LT85 slick shift - maybe we need to form a lobbing group? (apologies -didnt mean to Hijack the thread)
  5. Hereford (sadly not Hertford) Galvanisers offered to do mine about 5 years ago
  6. Yes! - so in 4 years we have not made any progress on that front! Oh well! I will try the relay and the reversing switch approach. was your kit from Devon 4x4? - I wonder if anyone has worked out how to make the LED in the gear knob work to show if it is engaged? if not I could put a bigger brighter LED on the dash. (forgetful moi?) Thanks Ralph. B
  7. Apologies for the slight thread Hi Jack Has anyone overcome the problem with the lack of replacement speed sensors?
  8. I cant remember if I ever knew that to forget it - but a handy tip - I expect it might have been part of the training course I did in the 80s. I do have some EP 90 its usually used in the wormdrive gearbox of my Skill 8 1/4 "circular saw - I expect that will be a novelty to many Carpenters, and electric circular saw that has to have oil changes!
  9. Thank you both for your comments, I usually use a biodegradable oil, and these days its only for very occasional use in my own garden, and in this particular case taking one limb of one storm damaged tree, without having run into town and buy some proper oil. I was merely wondering what similarities there were between the multitude of oils that are readilly to hand. Sunflower oil is pretty sticky so I might risk that. Cheers
  10. Chainsaw Lube Oil Not land-Rover related (directly) but I'll bet a lot of Defender owners also have a chainsaw? and will have a view My question is what oils are similar in their properties to chainsaw bar lubrucating oil? I have been given a can for my saws, and in passing I was told - "Its hydraulic Oil" (tractor / forklift applications) "It will be fine" Is that true? and if not are there any Oils that a typical Landrover Owner might have at home that would do? cheers
  11. Oakmaster

    Deep water

    I think I would be in the runnng for the most 'Stupid' questions asked, so you have plenty leeway, - but I seem to be tolerated - and these might be the finest bunch of people we know!
  12. Amongst the very best things about this forum, is the requirement to craft your question so as to get your facts right (you would never think that Rigorous Attention to Detail was my motto) so that you get useful answers to the question you thought you had asked. The VERY best thing is that you usually get some useful and insightful answers to members everyday queries. BUT – you have to be very careful to set out your query so as to get the answer to the question you really wanted answered. I really take on board (and am grateful for) all the responses about the inadequate regime we apparently have with our server UPS, but as it turns out, the ready supply of small 12V lead acids, are not any part of the server UPS, but are the residue from individual users UPS packs that are gradually being phased-out as we all transition to laptops. So apologies for getting that wrong (today I mainly feasted on Humble Pie – and I don’t mean that great band of the 1970s) What I’d really like to know, and should have been what I asked clearly in the first place is this: Why? when I have weeded out all the batteries that wont hold a charge (only using a volt meter as the gauge after a re-charge and a couple of months ‘resting’) and only going forwards using the ones who seem to maintain their voltage do I have total failure when I apply even the lightest load to those who would have indicated they would be good? Thank you, if you are still reading this.
  13. Every year at work they change the batteries for the back-up system in the Servers at work. out of 20 or so I'll get 4 or 5 that are still good. I check the voltage, and see if they will take a charge using my CETK Charger (which has a 'reconditioning' function) if they take and hold a charge then I load test them (usually with a 20W bulb) then re-check the voltages. i then put them on a 12V tyre pump and see if they will blow up a tyre (car tyre) With my 'current' batch (did you see what I did there?) I got them down to ten number with a range of 12.8 to 13Volts, 4 passed easilly blowing up a tyre. the other 6 despite showing a good voltage just crashed when I did the bulb test (showed as 0.01V with the 20W bulb across the terminals) I havnt encountered this before - advice and explanations would be very welcome. They are quite small, not quite as big as a motorbike, golf cart, or a jump starter battery, but using 4 toghether you can use it as a jump starter. Also very handy in the camper as the lesiure battery, individually with the 12V tyre pump (wheel barrows, mowers) and jumpstarting mowers. below is one Ive bodged-up with copper pipe 'horns' for the jump leads, a 50A Anderson connector, and cigarette lighter socket. (I'll admit I'm a bit 'tight' - and if I took my time into account - it would have been way cheaper to buy a jump start pack) Thank you
  14. Sorry gentelmen, been away for a day week-end - while I was away it was taken to the nearest L-Rover garage who happended to be the local main dealer, and they could not find anything wrong with it. We know it wasnt diesel, and it had been washed recently - so maybe its that? Interesting thanks for your input
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