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  1. In these testing times, does anyone know who would be good for service kits / rebuild parts for my SU Carbs? (HiF 44 for 3.5L V8) thanks.
  2. Thank you gentlemen, very helpful one again cheers B
  3. Pls see photo of my mangled 1989 110 bonnet catch - being beaten back into shape (only twice in my ownership) seems to have left it very soft and weakened Any ideas where to look? or a part number? - and as a very long shot, how difficult would it be to fit the bonnet lock from a Stage 1 V8 (assuming you could find one) Thanks
  4. Did I buy these from you? I think it was one of those - Oh Yes I'll buy those for my 110 Pick-Up! Hummnnn - they work great - and thank you for facilitating it! In terms of my 65 plate 110 utility I can tell you that I bought a set of Lokari liners - fitted and forgot about them - I never get distacted by the noise of road debris rattleing against the 'space wasters'
  5. "unreliable items to burn out" Sounds like me this morning! I think I'll take your advice and do the same cheers
  6. Can we ask what you did in the end? and because Id quite like to build a 'dim dip' (putting me in a minority of one I'd guess) Where there 2 resitors (one per headlamp) or two. If I do this I'd include them within a alternator-fed system, using 6 relays 2 each side dipped and main separately, plus dim dip, fed with heavier wire - its a lot of relays and wire, but it would / should be 4 times as reliable. luckilly I never had to delve into the dreaded black box, can anyone tell me if it was 1 or 2 resistors, and the resitance in Ohms (Western has said between 1 and 0.5 Ohms - did this change?) and their rating in Watts. No big deal if nobody knows! I'll have to experiment. Thanks B
  7. I'll be checking those when it gets light (and hopefully dry) - strange thing is there was absolutely no hesitation when I re-started?
  8. 2015 Puma 110 utility 2.2 Was about / less than 2 miles from home, cabin filled with stinky smoke, (not electrical – I did wonder, not quite clutch) could not see where it was coming from, (or see anything else!) I verged it (new verb) - couldn’t see where I was going, jumped out to grab my extinguisher, and through the door could see it pouring out the handbrake shroud. It diminished before I could remember how to deploy the extinguisher (so much for the training) I opened all the doors and let it settle. When I pulled the hand-brake on it just snapped! When I got home and relayed this sorry tale to Wife, Daughter No1, and Mother in Law, the inevitable accusations of – you were driving with the handbrake on flowed. In my defence after 17 Land-Rovers over 30 yrs – I think I’d have known, and no warning light, and no effect on performance on an ‘enthusiastic’ (70 MPH till I hit the side-roads) 10 mile drive home, and the very rapid on-set of the smoke, makes me think I’m less of a halfwit than may family take me for? You may know different? Is this a case of a poor earth, and the handbrake cable burning out due to taking the whole earth to chassis? - Or??????
  9. Does anyone know what the value (in Ohms) that resistor is? and what the rated wattage is? If you wanted a dim dip you could buy a resistor with a higher rated wattage (and perhaps mount it on somthing that would help it disipate the heat better - this could be anything from a small heat sink to a off-cut of copper or brass sheet, or steel) These people can supply these resistors (and a huge range of other stuff) https://cpc.farnell.com/w/c/electronic-electrical-components/resistors/prl/results?st=Resistor&power-rating=200w and this is an example of a heat sink: (with absolutly no guarantee that this will fit your restistor - you will have check the internal dims carefully to match them) https://cpc.farnell.com/h-s-marston/07wn-01000-a-200/heat-sink-undrilled-1-8c-w/dp/SC00636 If you uprate your resistor enough - you wont really need the heat sink
  10. Yes I complety get that - just wondered about the other stuff?
  11. Not meaning to hiJack this post, but I have read (on here I think) that reducing the voltage on a halogen bulb causes them to deteriorate faster? does anyone have any facts / experience of Dim Dip to back this up? Conventionally with incandesnt for every 5% you reduce the voltage across and incadescent you double the bulb life. Until I heard of Halogen 'depletion' I was planning on wiring my spots etc so that when 'off' they would recieve enough volts (via a resistor) to keep them glowing stopping, (or so I thought) the shock of the bulbs going from cold to flat-out, and back again. Beware topic diversion: - having a Christmas light 'fetish' (my Wifes description, - I do put 20 sets on our tree every year) I have systematically taken sets and added 10% extra bulbs (from identical sets - I learned this the hard way!) It definitely works in terms of increasing the bulb life, and I spend substantially less time tracing and swaping dead bulbs.
  12. October 2015 110 Puma Utility One small mistake ........................................ We live in an area thats been pretty badly flooded, and at the end of the week recently I made mistake number one, and headed home very low on fuel (knowing that I had 2 cans of fuel at home and wasnt planning on going anywhere that week-end) Sunday evening we got a call to rescue a 'maiden in distress' who was stranded unable to get home after spending most of the day trying to find a route through the floods. We set off in a hurry and brough her back to stay for the night, the fuel light came on, and I calculated we would make it home, which we did. Early next morning, in the dark, in the most vile, wet, and gale-force windy conditions I dumped one can into the tank and set off for the nearest petrol station (11 miles away) - I was a bit concerned that the fuel light didnt extinguish, but waded through some significant water (everywhere, up to 2 feet deep at times). after the first couple of miles the fuel light went off, and I noted that the fuel guage started rising (to about an eighth of a tank indicated) I was suprised, (I NEVER let the tank drop below 1/4 - so had no idea about whether this was normal or not) When I jumped out at the pumps I was devasted to see the fuel cap dangling off! Stunned I brimed it (with the usual Shell V Power) and depressed and embarassed I went to work. Its taken the last 2 weeks to steel myself to even thinking about admitting this stupididty publicly. The continuing issues with the continuing extreme weather (combined with my dodgy knees) have stopped me getting underneath the tank to investigate draining it. So - what should I do? Drain it is the obvious answer, but given my circumstances I wont get to this anytime soon, are there any other options -? (its also fair to say that I'm pretty incompetent mechanically - I can (could, pre recent legislation ) wire houses, plumb, work stone, Oak Frame, and carpenter, (and back in the day fix appliances like VCRs) but I have zero success with vehicles (even though I have 6 including a '55 S1, 79 V8 110, and my forever Defender - which is the only Brand New vehicle Ive ever bought, and didnt take delivery of until it was dry enough to drive it stright to the guy who waxoiled it. In the immdeiate short term - is there anything I should put in the tank to deal with this? Am I imagining that the flood water dumped 1/8th of a tank's worth of water into the tank apologies for the long post - I'll admit I'm an idiot and very embarssed - hence the 2 weeks to pluck up the nerev to even post this! Thanks if you are still reading this B
  13. Sorry Snagger - can you just clarify this bit: "had to be red times in just 15,000" thanks B
  14. I got a Richards, and the people who did the swap (in 2014/15 - it took them a while) said they were the only real choice )back then. never heard anything negative.
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