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  1. I have strong memories of this happening in my SIII Stage One V8 (after I added a roof rack) Water on the knees was a regular horror - worse was that internal gutter was where I keep all my Green lane maps! A through re-sealing of the out-side gutter - lifted up the roof 4" on blocks to get under the roof rack feet - caulked it all up with 'SealOnce' and where the roof rack feet blocked the channel drilled some extra drain holes. can't recommend 'Seal Once' enough -
  2. A question for the better informed in this group - Looking at the CTEK and similar intelligent chargers - they seem to have 'pulsing' as part of their range of functions. What effect does this have on newer vehicles where they have lots of electronics that are running all the time? Engine management systems, Alarms, ICE, Trackers, - how do these stand-up to being 'pulsed' when laid-up being trickle charged? Thanks
  3. I used my CTEK MXS 5 battery charger to 'renovate' my daughters' Fox battery - which it did - going from going flat in 24 hours, to 5 starts in 3 hours with less than 10 total metres of travel, having been left out in the snow for 5 days. That is the third out of 6 'lost cause' Batteries that the CTEK has rejuvenated - 50% isn't bad - across a range of batteries: Leisure, compact car, Defender. (I've ignored Lawnmower and literally dozens of Computer 'life expired' UPS 12V batteries) This performance is measured against about 8 Aldi or Lidl 'intelligent' chargers - that trickle charge
  4. Echoing that - very interesting Thanks @BogMonster and to all the other contributors - My Daughter bought one a NOCO Boost Sport GB20 500 Amp to start her VW Fox (she initially bought a lead Acid Jump starter from CarEuroParts - but it never turned-up, consulted me and bought the NOCO- for twice as much - but its been brilliant immediate start from a completely dead battery - less than 2 volts) I will say that I used my CTEK MXS 5 battery charger to 'renovate' the Fox battery - which it did - going from going flat in 24 hours, to 5 starts in 3 hours with less than 10 total metres of trave
  5. I've always been intrigued by these compact Jump Start Packs? they see to defy the laws of physics? How do they work? Some of them are advertised as being able to kick-out 4000 Amps, yet they have smaller diameter cables than the cheapest of Poundland jump leads? What is it that I'm missing? Where is the catch? I've been looking at the Ring RPPL300 Lithium Cobalt for my daughters VW Fox.
  6. Thank you Guys - TBH - I haven't even looked - haven't seen it in daylight to be honest, - but I like the idea of the tyre shine products - great tip. Interesting comment about the MOT inspectors - 2 weeks ago my wife's X3 picked up comments about perishing tyres, I wonder if its The Tip of The Month for MOT inspectors? Back when I were a Lad (and Shep were a pup) On my 96 110 CSW Tdi 300 - I got 68,000 miles of a set of BFG Commercials (looked very un cool) - at the same time my late wife on her 99 90 CSW Tdi 300, got an incredible 123,000 off a pair of Michelin M&S ( back th
  7. Yesterday I had my 65 plate Puma 110 Utility XS MOT ed. Its on the same Continental Crosscontact 235 /85/R 16s that it left the factory wearing. and after 5 years and a mere 32,850 Miles, 3 tyres are perishing (with 7.4mm tread left on the back axle pair) I've had no complaints up until now, but I'm not impressed with the thought of replacing them. I'm wondering what to go for next, I have a 1979 V8 110 with BF Goodrich All Terrain T/As for getting muddy, so I prefer an M&S or Road biased tyre. I really want tyres that are going to last more than 5 years / 32,850 miles.
  8. here's a seconder for the warming it up in a tub of hot water, with fairy liquid as the lubricant (or KY Jelly its been rumored !) I can say that the alpine lights really benefit from the hot water - stops the gaps where they meet end to end. (I learned the hard way)
  9. In these testing times, does anyone know who would be good for service kits / rebuild parts for my SU Carbs? (HiF 44 for 3.5L V8) thanks.
  10. Thank you gentlemen, very helpful one again cheers B
  11. Pls see photo of my mangled 1989 110 bonnet catch - being beaten back into shape (only twice in my ownership) seems to have left it very soft and weakened Any ideas where to look? or a part number? - and as a very long shot, how difficult would it be to fit the bonnet lock from a Stage 1 V8 (assuming you could find one) Thanks
  12. Did I buy these from you? I think it was one of those - Oh Yes I'll buy those for my 110 Pick-Up! Hummnnn - they work great - and thank you for facilitating it! In terms of my 65 plate 110 utility I can tell you that I bought a set of Lokari liners - fitted and forgot about them - I never get distacted by the noise of road debris rattleing against the 'space wasters'
  13. "unreliable items to burn out" Sounds like me this morning! I think I'll take your advice and do the same cheers
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