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    aux power

    i need some sort of aux power for a lamp and i take it the red and black plugs bottom left of the speedo are for power could someone conferm this and if they are does any one now where to get or what fittings to use to plug into them. The other thing is would it just be easier to put in a cigarette lighter plug? atb Dave
  2. still working got the doors back on now but still need a bit of lining up and need to put the glass in the new tops any advice for that would be great as the guy in county rovers said it's a pig. put the back back on the roof top and fixed back down heres another pic of her today
  3. Funny you should think that a few years ago i did exactly the same thing gutting some ganite with a 4" ginder and dimond blade and ended up with a simalar scar abit longer (and heres the scarey bit) as it ran up my leg and i just nicked my sack yes that right i came mm's from castrating myself it was litteraly a scratch on my b*****ks and 9" off blood poring out of my leg wound. It a funny story now but at the time i was horrified and if telling it stops and make someone think about safety then it's a good thing
  4. Thought i best update this as i haven't for a while, well it was welding welding and you know what comes next ... more welding but i think i have finaly broke the back of it now but i thought that before untill i took the dash out to sort the windscreen washer and found almost nothing behind it as my weekend project has gone to s**t i have decided to make as good a job on it as i can in the time i have and done more than i was going to inclueding brand new door tops and second hand bottoms i also took an angle grinder to the roof as the swb roof idea didn't look quite right so cut mine down and will reconect the back it looks far better now (Second of the 2 roof pics is the cut down version) will add some better pics when i can get it out to take them properly Chassey is getting hammerighted tomorrow and a couple of litres of coke is going in the clutch to fee that up Second of the 2 roof pics is the cut down version
  5. still having problems with the misses freelander it's no started cutting out on her and as you can't stall a desil i'm thinking it has to be electrical some one has mentioned the remodification ecu through to the fuel rail pressure sensor that could be at fault and land rover has modified the loom and a pressure regulator has and one had problems with this or had it done or any more info would be gratefully recieved atb Dave
  6. i know pete i think i have kept him in business the last week i was just wondering if there were any cheaper places on the net but thanks and good luck with your restoration
  7. do any of you know any good sources for rubber door seals and window kits plus whats the likely cost of doing the doors as i would like to try and get them to at least be something close to water tight
  8. thanks guys i needed some good news today. I've been working on the electrics today and what a nightmare but almost there now everything works except the dash light and breaklight which i now know the fault on so can sort in the morning. The other bad news is date of manifacture is the 19 jan 1973 so i'm not tax excemo by 19 days GUTTED but thems the breaks
  9. was going to put a swb roof on it and have a load area in the back but yes the roof does need sorting. this may sound horendous to you guys but was thinking of just hand painting the hole lot with a small gloss roller but will either be the original colour or a darker grey
  10. again thanks for the replies and advice. And i think your right i'm gonna get it thought the mot and then actually drive the thing and see if i like it and it's usable for what i need it for if not then it will be a 90, that was what i originaly wanted but dean me machanic has an 88 and saw this and pursaded me the was the cheap option, i'm not so sure now spend is almost a grand now and it's still not on the road Dave
  11. thanks for the link i was under the impression from the farmer it was tax execmt but i will have to check. is there any benifit from keeping it all original or will it be worth more cleaned up and painted?
  12. hello all don't know if any of you can help the misses keeps having problems with her freeland gs x reg desiel it started of as she discribes it as like kangaroo juice or as if it is starved and then not of desiel this only ever seems to happen to her and is very intermitant and when ever me or my mechanic mate have tried it it won't do it the problem has now progressed and when it does it it now stalls even when moving the engine management light does not come on (but it doesn't when you turn the ignition on, is it surpose to or maybe an old owner has removed the bulb) we have changed the oil and put cleaners in the desiel for the injectors any help or advice on what to check would be greatfully recieved as i have no idea when to start Dave
  13. hoping the electric problems are just the earths but you maybe right heres some more pics of her cleaned up
  14. well been working on it all weekend and as ever it's turning out to be a bigger job than first though the chasssis has quite a few holes nothing major yet but they still all need to be sorted the electrics seem to be possesed working as and when they want my brake cyclinders came with no bleed valves and they old ones were seezed solid so cant finish the brakes and basicly every nut and bolt in the thing is holding on for dear life you can see they were built to last so the weekend turn around was a bit optomistic so mondays mot is being put back a week as i'm having tomorrow off im knackered Dave
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