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  1. I ordered the part and found it was a bushing. I'm thinking you may be right that it does not exist as a separate part.
  2. Does anyone have the part number or the spring that helps pivot the puma 2nd row seats forward? I have looked everywhere for the part number and cannot find it. On the parts diagram the part number listed is HYD500090 but it is for the plastic bushing that goes inside the spring.
  3. I removed pipes 1 and 2 and cranked the motor and no fuel out of 1 and 2. The pipes were open and unblocked.
  4. An Update. I changed out the stop solenoid today. I think the old was was working after I pulled it, but replaced it all the same. I then bled the system again starting at the filter. I pulled the valve cover and it appears at least on visual inspection that the timing is OK. I pulled the glow plugs and only one is working so I will replace. As I cranked the motor over it seems the injector for cylinder 3 and 4 are getting fuel injected to them but 1 and 2 are not. The pipe at 3 seemed to have a higher pressure than 4, and I never say fuel squirting at 1 and 2 at all. So my conclusion is that the problem lies with the injection pump. I let the motor turn over for probably a minute but never saw fuel at 1 and 2. Does my assumption seem correct? If so I will order a pump, but I want to make sure I am not missing something before a spend the money. Thanks again for the advice.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I have a fuel cut off on order and that is my first step. But I thought that even if I wasn't getting fuel into the motor if I sprayed a bit WD40 or starting fluid I would get some sort of ignition. Also funny thing on the ignition wiring. Everything I have seen and from what I can remember is the solid white is over the solid brown and the white/red is over the white/orange. The only way I can get the motor to turn over and the fuel cutoff to switch on and off is to switch the solid white with the white/red. Monkie - I have loosened the injector pipes from the injectors and cranked the motor and I do get some occasional squirts of fuel at the injector. How much fuel should be coming out when I crank the motor at the injector? My plan at this point is to replace the fuel cutoff, pull the glow plugs and crank it a bit more to see if I can purge more air out. I will report back. Being in the US it takes several days every time I need a new part. So probably next week. Do you guys have any thoughts on my ignition wiring? The switch is a TDCI switch, but I doubt that matters.
  6. OK I have read these forums but never posted. I am in the US and have a 200TDI that won't start. I had it started about 18 months ago when I first installed it on the chassis. I only ran it for a few seconds a couple of times because there was no coolant in it but it fired up immediately. I subsequently rebuilt the entire vehicle and am now back to the motor. It has an autospark loom in it which is brand new. I have bled the system and I can see diesel at the injectors when I use the lift pump to bleed them, but it does not flow heavily like at the bleed valve on the filter. I can here the fuel cut off switch engage and the motor turns over but it does not start. I have shot WD40 in to see if it would at least catch but nothing happens. The other thing that I find different from the last time it started is that the when the fuel cutoff wire is not connected the starter will not engage. It would seem to me that even if this were an electrical issue that the motor would turn over when I shot WD40 in even if it were for a few seconds. My first thought is that this is a timing issue, but why did it start without problems 18 months ago? I have not done anything with the motor in the interim. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Just for reference I was told this was pulled from a defender with 67000 mile on it. Nothing leaks on it at all. Thanks in advance for you advice.
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