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  1. A paltry fine, but lets hope that they are now high on the watch list for trading standards from this day forward. I'm appalled that they are still trading, but there you go. Gloucestershire Trading Standards takes Direct 4x4 Salvage Ltd and No Fear MX of Coleford to court http://www.gloucestercitizen.co.uk/Gloucestershire-Trading-Standards-takes-Direct/story-19989448-detail/story.html
  2. Maybe someone with recent experience should forward this thread and their experience to Watchdog? I can't believe that they are still at it!!
  3. I think this is likely to have happened. I shall know for next time I guess! There isn't a bleed nipple on the master cylinder. Turns out (google) that audi brake fluid reservoirs are prone to cracking with as little as 10psi pressure. I did disconnect the battery as recommended in the Haynes manual, something to do with the ABS it says. Good news is it's still feeling better than ever now!
  4. Just one thought, could the pressure bleeder be shutting off a valve in the ABS perhaps? Can't see how, I'd imaging the brake pedal pressure wold be higher than that of the bleed kit.
  5. Well it's done, finally! New master cylinder and rear brake caliper fitted. Didn't go without it's problems though. The pressure bleed still didn't work, and the reservoir actually cracked (not at a seam but on the top!). I was only using a mountain bike tyre with about 15psi as well, to keep the pressure down! Thankfully I'd got another reservoir with the master cylinder. Bled it the old fashioned way and finally got there. No idea why the pressure bleed doesn't work on the A4?? It pushes fluid into the reservoir but no further. As I say, all done now but what a chew on. If anyone has any idea why the pressure bleeder wasn't working I'd like to know, never had a problem with it before and testing it off the vehicle it works fine. Never split a reservoir before either! Thanks for the tips above. Think I will chalk this one up to an "unkown" and hope it never happens again My top tip, don't use a pressure bleeder on an Audi
  6. Cheers for the advice. I run 1.9 rear and 2.1 front but that's contis so they are actually quite a bit smaller than their sizing compared to other manufacturers. Might be fun to try some studded tyres. Might need some for my road bike as well though!
  7. I haven't tried that. Will give it a shot in the morning as I've nothing to loose. There is no bias valve for the fronts but you never know, it might free some crud if there is a blockage or five anywhere! Actually it migh "back flush" the master cylinder which could free any crud if that is a problem. Good thinking, thanks.
  8. Yeah, took the bleed nipples out and the holes in the calipers look clear. I am going to get a master cylinder tomorrow and replace that as I am completely out of all other ideas! Not convinced it will make any difference though, as I can get fluid pushing from it and out of the abs block. If everything was blocked I should get pedal pressure even if I can't bleed it? Never, ever had this before.
  9. Hi guys. Tried pumping with the pressure bleeder attached, still nothing. Just come in because I am soaked, freezing and out of ideas still. But..I have undone the pipes on the output of the ABS module and pumped the pedal, and fluid gushed out so that's good I guess. If fluid is getting to, and through, the ABS module that would suggest blocked brake line, but all of them, and only after the ABS, seems highly unlikely. Removed thebleed nipples as well to check it wasn't those that were blocked. Need a new caliper now as someone had heli-coiled one of them in and made a right hash of it! I have been left thinking that the reservoir to master cylinder could be blocked, but tehre are two supply ports to the master cylinder. Again, chance of both been blocked seems remote and the fluid is new/clean as the servo and a brake pipe was replaced for teh MOT two months ago. Eliminated the rear bias valve (if it has one) as I'm getting nothing at the front. With the bleed nipple left out of the rear caliper for an hour, and having the pressure bleed on nothing has come out. So questions: If the master cylinder was faulty, would the pressure bleed not work? I'd expect fluid to come through regardless If the master cyclinder was faulty then how come I'm getting fluid to and from the ABS module when pressing the pedal? If both inlet ports on the master cylinder were blocked, again, how come I'm getting fluid at the output of the ABS module. And finally, why is no brake fluid coming out at the calipers This is driving me nuts. Doesn't help it's cold, dark, and very wet but even so!
  10. Pretty skinny then. I might try some myself, see how the go on some single track!
  11. This week has been a strange one. Last week I ordered four items (vehicle related parts) from four people. 3 have taken 8 days to arrive!
  12. Audi A4, 1999 tdi. I have just been back out to it and the pedal feels a bit firmer than the nothing that was yesterday until after a few pumps, then it gets softer again (egine off). Not sure what's going on
  13. I cycled in at lunch the other day when it was wet, then cycled home in the dark when it was frozen. Was like bambi when I hit black ice on a left hand bend. Both wheels sliding, opposite lock, proper tank-slapper moment left me sat on the cross bar but still upright! Road bikes, ice and cornering don't work well together! No idea how I didn't end up on the floor! Went out on the mountain bike on Sunday and teh trail was thick ice, made for an nteresting ride. I don't fear crashing so much off road as I know I won't end up under a truck! Would like to try spiked tyres but we don't have the conditions that you do! Do you go for big fat tyres to float on the snow or skinny ones to cut through?
  14. Mine did that, right before the gearbox went bang As you said that you have had an oil change that cured it for a while, I'd be thinking there's a problem in the gearbox. If you struggle to get it out of or into gear when after a long run I'd stop immediately and get it looked at. Otherwise there's a lot of noise and your gearbox will most likely be damaged beyond economical repair In my opinion, 25 miles isn't enough to get it that hot, especially this time of year.
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