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  1. Many thanks Western, its the bit ""where the black/blue wire goes to "" was the bit I was missing. Now to find it "at top of right chassis rail" all the best R
  2. Thanks for the replies lads, Its the standard LT77 + lt230 I believe. problem is its the cable thats missing not the switch. these two are recently fitted but the cable was previously missing from an earlier changout so, what i edd is to fit a new cable - to where is the question ta Rod
  3. Hello , I have have some work done on my old (1985) 90 over the past months and I am missing my difflock light It seems the cable is no longer there, the switch is though So my question is where in the loom does it connect, as I can only presume it got pulled out with gearbox during change some time ago and never returned It used to work fine before I see a 4 way connector close to the clutch fluid reservoir so am wondering is that it, but maybe someone could point me to where it should connect Thanks Rod rwalsh53@gmail.com
  4. Hello, I wonder would anyone know the part number for the plastic clips that hold on the galvanized strip on the driver / passenger door. Thanks Rod 1985 90 County
  5. Hello, Along with fitting a 200tdi recently to my '85 model 90 , I also had a transfer box change. Currently running a 43D (exTD5) 1.410 ratio To me it seems to be geared wrong ,and I feel engine is very revvy and really is only good for about 60mph, above this it just isn't comfortable This is fine tootling around the local lanes but it makes for noisy and not entirely comfortable driving on motorway Any advice as to a more suitable box / ratio ? Ta Rod
  6. Tks Frax, Yes it was running before lie up, but not very well. The lift pump was deffo not functioning as designed, but new (old) one is. I hadn't realized how particular the bleeding is. there was no diesel coming out of the pipes at injector end, but there was plenty in the pump when I opened the bleed screw. So I guess I will just have to be a bit more patient and give it more time to get through each of the injector pipes in turn. Happy New Yr
  7. Hi All, It's a 1985 2.5 N/A. Been lying up for a few months. Tried to start her with no luck. Suspected the lift pump was not working as I was unable to prime the system at all. Changed the lift pump and I now have fuel everywhere. Bled off air to fuel pump and filter. I hear the fuel pump solenoid click when I apply 12v so hopefully it's functioning ok. The only thing I notice is no fuel coming from metal pipes connected to the injectors when i loosen them. so I wonder is the solenoid plunger moving at all or could it be something else...! Any advice appreciated ta Rod
  8. Yep got that. I didn't know about it either. Had a bit of dirt in it but not too much considering. fiddly little thing to get out though. Rod
  9. Hello, My old (1985) 90 is in some difficulty at the mo. Some months ago I got some dirty diesel ;-( Have since replaced injectors,fuel filter, cleaned fuel tank, cleared pipes, new glow plugs. Later I replaced the lift pump as she just wouldn't start and I thought maybe not getting fuel... Last week I got her started, somewhat reluctantly, and after a LOT of cranking...and even then it was not a happy runner. Even had to adjust up the throttle stop screw on the pump and I never had to do that in the last 15 yrs. Even running it sounded funny...can,t quite put my finder on it but maybe "tappety" or like that. So am at a loss and would welcome any pointers Ta Rod
  10. Hi All, So last week I pulled in to refuel in a well known local supermarket where apparently ''every little helps''', though in my case that doesn't seem to be the case... Had just returned from a 30 mile trip and the machine was running better than ever. Filled her up, though during the fill the pump stopped briefly...hmmm, then continued. Parked up to get some shopping and then headed off into the town. had only gone a half mile when 90 started to falter, then at the traffic lights she stopped completely (that never happened in the last 12 years), started and continued on with running getting rougher and rougher, until eventually 100 yds down the road i had white smoke and very little power, would only do about 10mph. tried to struggle home 5mls but only got about two thirds of the way and she would go no further. got a tow the rest of the way. So far have drained the fuel tank and all the brown gunge that was in it, flushed fresh fuel thru from the tank and cleared any stuff out of the pipes. Replaced the filter (full of brown flakes and bits) removed the four union's from the injectors and flushed fresh fuel thru them too. And it still wont start. The only thing to replace or clean are the injectors. Any ideas or otherwise please advise. ta Rod
  11. Hello, Am upgrading my 1985 Def90 to Td5 clutch pedal to try save my left knee. Fitted new master cyl (black top) and now find that the pitch of the thread on this is different to the white topped one I took off. Can anyone explain.....is it possibly a Series3 master cyl ? The problem came to light as I was attempting to fit a lid to the cyl to pump fresh fluid in. The lid of the pressure pump fits the old master cyl fine (white top) but not this new one (black top). Strange and frustrating ;-(
  12. Hello All, On motorway yesterday gearbox (LT77) on my 90 overheated due to lack of oil. I let it cool for a while and then ran slowly into local town. Took our time @ the brekkie and then filled with engine oil ( all I could get). Completed day out and got home ok. Gearbox now whines more than ever in all but 4th gear and is not at all happy running in 5th. So it was a steady 50mph all the way home. Its due for a bit of tlc anyway but is the whine caused by worn bearings or ? Rod
  13. OK no panic I got the fire out before it really caught.... Problem now is I have a fried alternator and 12 inches of burnt loom. Can anyone explain this to me ....there are 5 wires in the loom running along the side of the cylinder head towards the alternator, the two large brown ones and a smaller brown/yellow go to the alternator, there is another small brown one tucked back into the loom and not connected and the last green one goes to a connector but is not attached to anything. I had previously tapped a connection off the small brown/yellow (i thought) to feed pos. to the electric fan but my auto electrician tells me that that would not be the case as it is at 0 volts when the engine is running (ie the ign warning light).. Which means I had connected to the previously unconnected small brown one..... Puzzled ? Please email any replies to rwalsh53@gmail.com ta RW
  14. Hi All, it seems the cold weather, dark evenings and low usage is causing my battery problems. So i would like to fit caravan/motorhome style flush mounted mains socket. I have a rather neat charger/conditioner on the system but the mains lead trailing out the window will get a little tiressome. mind you it might avoid driving away with it still attached. Has anyone out there fitted such a socket or have any ideas on it at all..... thanks R
  15. Hi all, just wonder as I will be visiting Leeds Uni on the 17/18 Sept is there any Land Rover outlets i should visit. I will be travelling from Kildare via Holyhead etc thanks deRod
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