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  1. I have a 2.5" exhaust its 2.5" from the turbo outlet all the way through - in my 200tdi (with "performance" boxes) - it helps keep the exhaust temps down.
  2. What was the main worry with the trees? Potential for roots damage to your structure? Got a mate also holding off on a barn construction due to price of steel, crazy crazy.
  3. No small feat, I'd be interested to know the cost of this venture once completed.
  4. Did you put lubricant behind the bearing shell? surely putting the lub between the shell and crank shaft should only help to push the shell into place. The manual I posted up on here about bearings the other week has a really interesting section talking about the mechanism of how the bearings are designed to seat, and its the end to end compression that squeezes the bearing into the saddle of the conrod - its like your shell didn't seat properly like it was slight undersized in its effective "length" perhaps. I guess we can speculate until he cows come home, still a really interesting topic with some valuable learning points. Ultimately you need to remember you're working with precision parts and you need to adjust your working behavior to match. I have everything crossed for you for the next phase.
  5. I got sick of fuel tank gauge twitching and badly reading on my standard set-up - I cleaned the wee resistance slider on the sender and that helped improve the situation but in the end I installed a new float and sender and switched to my TD5 dash set-up, no more fuel level grips.
  6. I would have, but I got a 4motion California earlier this year and it pretty awesome for my needs, for the first time in my life I have bought something at the right time! I've also got a camel 110 waiting in the wings to be rebuilt - I've still got energy for it so its my focus - hell the present market I could sell that and buy 2 Grenadiers...! I'm pretty impressed with what we've been show of the overall build of the thing, I think they've gone about it in a really interesting way. Can't wait to see @jeremy996's one
  7. I was going to say - having T-washed all sorts of stuff in the past, the best results I got was when I degreased and then gave a "quick" rub down with something appropriately abrasive then t wash.. good luck - tedious job ergh.
  8. Also echo the comments above, Td5's and Puma's in my opinion are just as noisy as a 300tdi in a lot of ways, I'd also argue you'd inherit a much poorer build quality in the Puma too. I run my 200tdi 90 as my daily drive. I've worked hard on the vibration/sound insulation topic and I've been rewarded with a pretty sustainable driving experience, I love driving my 90 don't ask me why as I have no idea. There are some really good products out there that aren't necessarily cheap and some will demand a little more effort than other, but they will improve your driving experience no end. And it will certainly work out cheaper than another Defender. I'd also point out, that the quest for a quieter truck will not be solved magically with one product, you need to work at it from lots of different angles. But I think its well worth pursuing.
  9. I'd love to give this a go... but I'm worried it would pull up so many transmission issues it would melt my wallet and drive me insane trying to solve the problems
  10. Good spot - it could also be a defective shell too... I'd definitely be looking at the conrod quite carefully.
  11. Got to say I quite like these (below long) I've got some of the TD5 type cut to shape in my 90. Under that on the steel itself I put some generic butyl vibration matting (non foil type). Land Rover Defender Tdci 2.2 bulkhead foot well sound proof rubber mat LR066463 | eBay TETROSYL Sound Deadening Pads - SDP200 5010372833002 | eBay - love this stuff - its cheap and very very sticky. - not used in the engine bay fyi.
  12. I'd say its a more look and see. Pretty obvious. - and it makes sense really - its why all "new" lift pumps come with the spacer so they are back compatible with the older engine type.
  13. Which bearing is which from your picture? just looking at them the one on the right it hasn't worn the free ends of the bearing, could something like this have happened?
  14. To add to an old topic - but seems the best place to put it. Early engines I believe had this type of mounting which is what came from the series engines which the TDI's where ultimately derived, I was reading part of the service manual yesterday and in that it states the 200tdi was designed to use a lot of parts from previous engines. This is a picture of the early fuel pump mounting plate, as you can see compared to the cast aluminum type as Ralph has posted there is no stand off. - if you put a later type fuel pump on this type of mount then you can suffer lift pump arm damage.
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