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  1. Maverik

    Rivet counter alert! Fuel cap ID required.

    Radiator Cap for John Deer tractor... https://www.ebay.com/itm/John-Deere-RADIATOR-CAP-L-LA-LI-M-40-320-330-MT-MC-MI-T-AL2275T-with-GASKET-/310593737128
  2. Maverik

    Ashcroft high(er) high ratio transfer box.

    Probably to stop it being blocked buy sealant.
  3. Maverik

    TD5 fuel problem

    If its not causing you a problem to drive now, I'd get driving her to allow the system to bleed itself after a bit of jiggling about, as you've been doing the diagnostics of fixing you can get a bit hyper sensitive to sounds that could have been there before, but you where just not aware of.
  4. Maverik

    TD5 ABS sensor replacement

    Again bit of a thread revival - has anyone got the pin-out diagram for the other plugs shown in the above picture?
  5. Maverik

    ABS retro fit

    The later Wabco ABS ECU's have a Traction control built into them apparently - had an idea of trying to get one of those to talk to the older 300tdi pump/sensors. All being Wabco kit hopefully they will have some compatibility. I've driven our team Tdci's through most conditions your average Scottish year can throw out and never gotten stuck, for the "design" capabilities of a Defender, I feel the Traction control/ABS function is a pretty valuable function versus a vehicle without the function.
  6. Maverik

    ABS retro fit

    So I've just acquired an ABS Discovery 1 (300tdi) with all the bits, doesn't work by the look of it, but! I've got a notion to try transplant it over to a 90.
  7. Maverik

    ABS retro fit

    Bit of a thread revival, but has anyone successfully completed this? Anyone by any chance have a copy of that article? Mav
  8. Maverik

    2015 Defender 110 fuse identification help

    2012 would that be 2.4 or 2.2? Was that not the change over year?
  9. Hi guys can anyone help identify what this fuse is for on 2015 2.2 Defender. Cheers Mav
  10. I was going to repeat the above comments really, I'm not sure how many times I've used her site for decent reference material, used it a lot when I got my first truck, huge respect to the lady, and great truck.
  11. Maverik

    td5 turbo

    Quite interesting but also slightly worrying that the engine will overrun on a build up of residual oil sat in the intercooler... How did the old intercooler look for oil contamination?
  12. Maverik

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Easy there, that's "JLR"... - they're watching us everywhere....
  13. Maverik

    Wing to bulkhead fixed with rivnuts...?

    Well it confirms my initial thoughts that this is a bit odd, I've got to replace the passenger side nuts anyway so I'll weld some nuts on the inside nice and securely, and I'll make some windows in the other side to weld up the rivnuts in that side too, that should secure them for future use. Its quite interesting seeing some of these differences as my other 90 was registered 6 months earlier and there are some quite surprising subtle differences on this "later" one. Regarding roofs, so my C reg 90 has external ribs but it has the galvanized steel guttering, D reg 90 has external ribs but Aluminum guttering. I guess it was/is common in car production to see these little changes of components as they tweeked the manufacturing process along the way, I've only ever really played with Landys so I guess that where I see it. I did find this after a quick random search - looks to be a series 2 bulkhead with rivnut type fixings.
  14. Maverik

    Wing to bulkhead fixed with rivnuts...?

    No repair sections, its the original steelwork panels - drivers side came off ok, but passanger side the nuts just slipped... had to some some tactical cutting. D Reg 1986, another odd thing i noted was the roof has alu guttering but its ridged, i didn't think they brought that in until the flat roofs of the 1990's.

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