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  1. All the later defender models the spots where more pronounced, due to thinner skin material I belive. It doesn't look quite so bad once painted.
  2. Have you changed the relay? Its contacts could be tired and having the same effect as above heat.
  3. I've got a standard 300tdi type black matt thing, had it for years and in my opinion, yes it reduces engine noise in the cab. Noise is a difficult topic, it takes lots of little fixes to really have an effect, but I would recommend bonnet insulation for sure 👍
  4. Great minds, I saw one of the Hilka kits on fleebay that come with some grease too, at the price it was pretty incomparable so went for it before I'd seen this comment, good to know a few folk have got them Thanks for all the advice folks.
  5. So I installed some stainless hinges form ox4x4, eye watering yes, but they've been installed now for ~4 years and they have no play what so ever. - and they have a lifetime warranty and the guy that sells them is really nice - another one of those businesses where the guy owned a defender and hated that the hinges where carp so he made something better then put it out for public sale. I've fitted a few sets of these for friends too now. 100% stainless, can't remember the grade, they're rough casting in China then assembled/finished in Sheffield. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stainless-
  6. 😂 "financially efficient way" - we are talking about Land Rover projects are we ?
  7. Hi folks, as title suggest I'm looking for a mini grease gun for my traveling tools - mainly for prop shaft greaseing, can anyone recommend anything? Emphasis is on mini, I don't need another full size unit. Mav
  8. That's cheating - getting a body pre prepared, all the grief, torment and cost go into that part of the project - you've basically side stepped the most boring bit (very good find! ) Mav
  9. Measure it as accurately as you can and just buy the correct side internal C clip (circlip). that or as Ralph says chase up a few of the turbocharger rebuilders, there's a handful in the UK now that should be able to help you.
  10. Exactly what this man says - you get fluid just leaking past the seals usually due to a rusty/scored cylinder barrel, you wont see any fluid loss or level changes.
  11. Hehe perhaps you should read the whole thread 😃 I (we) kinda came to the same conclusion. Didn't know the original was M&H good to know👍
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