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  1. Maverik

    Forum Get Together

    I'll pencil in my diary, not been on a decent LR expedition for a while... (expedition = driving my 90 south of the boarder)...
  2. Maverik

    Afternoon all. New RR owner.

    :Welcome welcome to the brain trust, if you can't find help on here then frankly its not worth looking further that looks like a motor with plenty of potential...
  3. Maverik

    Wiring connectors advise - 1985 110 19J Engine

    Get this printed out and laminated... Its a pretty good go to guide for wiring... Vehicle Wiring colour codes.pdf
  4. Maverik

    Td5 looms into a earlier pre 1991 vehicle

    I've given up on those type of bulb holders and lenses, they're ridiculously poorly made even the genuine ones. I think I'm going to be putting the LED module type on the next truck.
  5. Maverik

    Running cool or wonky temperature gauge?

    I just noticed where you're located, if you need a hand at all send me a PM, I stay outside the city, I'm about this weekend. Cheers Mav
  6. Maverik

    Thermostats that last??

    As Retro says, I buy my stats direct from LR seem to last a couple of years then they seem to go off a bit, I went through buying all sorts, and even some genuine stuff through a 3rd party I was finding was NOS (new old stock) not really any help with stuff with a shelf life. I've got a madman Engine monitor, using VDO senders, cruising I get 90 deg, if its gentle traffic driving in some of this cold weather with the hater on I can see it dip to 70 deg before it pops back up to 80 something.
  7. Thanks Ralph, so did they have 130 springs as it doesn't specifically mention the hi cap?
  8. Now i thought Hi Caps had a HD type rear spring set-up but I'm having trouble working out part numbers, any hi cap owners got any advice? Cheers Mav
  9. Maverik

    Running cool or wonky temperature gauge?

    Earth point under drivers seat often a problem for the start relay, but worth a clean I'd say. - Farther in laws Td5 I noticed the furl gauge twitches when you rev'd the engine, cleaning that earth point seemed to sort that.
  10. Maverik

    Home made reciprocating file

    Nice idea... that's one for the custom tools collection, I'll be "file"ing that idea away
  11. Maverik

    Dremel or similar

    I got a draper rotary multi tool £20 off fleebay and its easily outlasted a handful of Dremel units I've had. I mainly used them with the quickclick cutting wheels so give them a hard time, dremels didn;t seem to like that. The draper thing seems to be holding up pretty well and super cheap too.
  12. Maverik

    Steering box adjustment or UJs & bushes

    I stand corrected.
  13. Maverik

    Steering box adjustment or UJs & bushes

    No you you can't, this is a suspension bolt that located the main sector chaft vertically, this will not improve steering play.
  14. Maverik

    The new Defender is now pointless

    Rivian RT1? https://electrek.co/2018/11/26/rivian-r1t-all-electric-pickup-specs/ Its the future.
  15. Maverik

    Learning CNC milling, first steps

    Hehe, are we playing top trumps here?

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