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  1. Maverik

    LIghting problems

    Headlight switch, I had it go on our Team 2008 Defender, a contact had melted out the way, easy replacement.
  2. Maverik

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    FYI Haldex had the ability for difflock - in the traditional sense. VW fit it to 4motion transporter rear axles as an extra. I've done quite a lot of reasech into the units as I've got a long(er) term project plan to fit 4 motion to my van. I think the concept of traditional "traction control" has been broadened by JLR in how the Haldex system is set up. I played about in a top spec D4 a while ago, had the equivelant of centre and rear locking diffs via the haldex system, pretty impressive traction. But in my mind this disscusion is kinda compareing apples with pink slippers...
  3. This is one of the throw away comments you get bombarded with when owning a Landy - drives me nuts.
  4. Maverik

    Chinese diesel Heater under seat on a 110.

    If you need something to warm a 90 up/defrost, I'd highly reccomend a Thermotop instead, its a little more suited to a 90 as the space to warm up is a lot smaller and as a bonus you get a pre warmed engine too... I have a remote start so I put it on as I get up, 20 minutes later engine is up to temp and when I start her up I've got instant heat from the vents which defrosts/defogs in minutes - love it, and that came out of a Rover 75 for 80 squid.
  5. Maverik

    Puma cold start - smoke (video)

    Some good info here, I'll be checking out the glow plug connectors on our wagon now.
  6. Maverik

    headlight bulb upgrade options

    I'd agree with Retro and Ralph, nothing uber special needed but I've been running Wipac crystals for 5 years now, and I've drilled a wee hole in the bottom of the reflector for the times when they've got dunked, you just need to remember to turn the lights off and give them chance to cool down before they get wet, I use a silicone conductive greese on the contacts which seems to keep them happy. - I also made up a new headlight loom when I did my rebuild, so I get the most out the standard set-up. The attached image was when I took a bit of water over the bonnet and forgot to turn the lamps off... once I drained the water out and gave the lense a wipe they've been fine ever since.
  7. Maverik

    Windscreen Woes

    How did you get on with this if you've done it yet? - I did a windscreen not long ago and the seal is flappy and big when you just put it on like that but when its properly engaged it sorts itself out - a tip for installing is to have the rubber in a bucket of hot water, evidently helps it a lot - I only got told this after I'd struggled for a few hours doing it a different way. Mav
  8. Maverik

    Diff lock sector and linkage

    That seems to tie in with what Ralph said too so I think that's right yes.
  9. Maverik

    Parts described as OEM

    A little harsh, I think its a hobby type site put up by a chap who happens to own a couple of Defenders thats all.
  10. Maverik

    300TDi Oil Leak Question

    4-5 yrs is not bad I'd say, the seal landing face on the crank wears over time so will never last as long at it was when brand spanking. - although 20k is pretty low.
  11. Maverik

    Sticking down rubber check plate

    Trim contact adhesive I'd give a go. its generally pretty good for not reacting with stuff or it would be useless on a lot of the reasonably delicate trim materials. Been using "Trim fix Adhesive" on the van recently comes in a red can, surprisingly strong stuff - used it to fix down some Altro flooring.
  12. Maverik

    Steering box adjustment or UJs & bushes

    I'd certainly be opening it up for a look at what caused the seal failure.
  13. Maverik

    Puma cold start - smoke (video)

    Our "08" mountain rescue wagon, starts in exactly the same way, really rough idle and exactly the same smoke for a couple of minutes until its warmed up. I put this down to potential water damage as the engine took a slug of water into it a few years ago. But listening to ours it does sound reminiscent of a glow plug issue not warming all the cylinders properly, so that was going to by my next stop with our truck - replace the glow plugs, I'm not sure I want to do it myself as I've just done the starter motor on it and you apparently need the hands of a 5 yr old to work on these engines...
  14. Maverik

    Chinese diesel Heater under seat on a 110.

    You can take "T" off the main fuel line with no problems I've had a Thermotop plumed in like this for years now with no problems. If you can take an individual pick up off the tank though thats a much tidier way to do it.
  15. Maverik

    Steering box adjustment or UJs & bushes

    Of course I'd be checking all ball joints bushes, bolts and bearings before doing anything drastic... but the bit that caught my aye was "the steering box is a recon unit of about 4 years old" - I've not heard of a recon box that has actually stood up to being a long term usable fix, after taking a few of these apart, unless the worm gear and sector shaft has been replaced then recon steering boxes are money for old rope I'm afraid. In all the searching I've done you just can't get replacement sector shafts for Adwest or Gemmer steering boxes, and there is no way of adjustment of the box that can account for wear of these components.

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