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  1. Its just a reference to help people read the article from Ian The article references vehicle classes - I for one didn't know what the class's represented hence my post. - updated my original post to clarify.
  2. I also had this problem just the other year - had a nightmare with the Britcar getting them to believe me - I gave up in the end and just sent all the parts back and managed to source some ex military genuine stub axles with the genuine sintered brass bushes pre-installed.
  3. Regarding your initial pictures are they wiped clean? they still look a bit oily, in my opinion feeling will give you a better idea of if there's a problem, if you feel there's a rough(er) surface appearing then you've got a problem, but if its just polished I'd be less concerned - which I think is maybe the latter instance here going by the followers.
  4. Taken from the MOT inspection manual. (May 2018) - to compliment the above article posted by @ianmayco68 Thats lucky - my 90 was registered in January 86.
  5. I'm insured with NFU, when Van broke last summer due to COVID they've upgraded the recovery package to the premium one. Van got shipped away and a Taxi came and picked us up. Pretty straight forward. But I would say go for it but take it easy, I've seen trucks in all sorts of condition due to generally owner neglect! running and getting there owners from A to B, you're aware of it so take your time maybe avoid the motorways In the summer I quite enjoy taking an alternative route from Falmouth back home in the 90.
  6. You need to find someone who's breaking a D1 that had AC - Ironically I've got a scrap D1 with AC which is still in process of being stripped, unfortunately the present pandemic situation has stopped that and it wont happen for some time so I cant really offer you any bits. Having dismantled a few 300tdi D1's certainly the later ones - that harness was built including most of the functionality of the model at the time - I'd be taking a really good look at the harness in the vehicles to see if the wiring is already there. - then it should be a simple case of picking up the small loom to the com
  7. Something I saw while out and about. - getting your loom lengths correct to each of the locations. So one of these defender re-manufacturers - they build there own looms, they had a big board laid out in which all the locations within the vehicle are drawn - so it looks a bit like the old London tube map. requires a bit of space, but if I where to make my own loom, I'd get the old one, nail it all out to a big board and map out the different end termination locations - this would give you a really good starting point for getting all the lengths in the right place
  8. I fitted one of these to my Defender 200tdi at the end of last summer when I did the VNT conversion. The bolts are tight and a bit fiddly but its pretty easy to do in situ. Make sure the area is nice and clean before you attempt - i used petrol and a tooth brush to get it nice and clean before I broke into the system. As regards the performance gains - Its difficult for me to measure as I changed a few things at once. - one thing I have noticed is that I get a fairly big puff of smoke when pulling away in 1st - it was never bad before I changed the turbo etc. So I'm actually planning
  9. If the bolts feel strange then for the price of a new set, I'd be investing in some new from a reputable source - I'm sure I've read that they are re-usable a specific number of times but again for the faff - of having to replace if not quite right, I tend to always fall on the side of caution. Not head bolts but I have had experience of high tensile bolts stretching.
  10. Hi All. Can anyone help with sizing the sender/switch thread that sits in the top of the Thermostat housing on 200tdi equipped with AC? I want to replace the sender with a plug/bung of the right size. Mav
  11. Good point. I think its a bit of a suck it and see problem, if you're happy with all the other discussed aspects I'd say crack on with a bigger radiator, other than what manufactures state about there improved efficiency - I don't think I've seen any actually numbers of cooling performance i.e measuring the inlet/oulet at different loads etc of these upgraded radiators - as previously mentioned a member of the forum did publish some numbers about intercooler efficiency which where really interesting. Basic physics would suggest that bigger overall size and more fins etc should give
  12. I was just looking at the oil cooler set-up: Oil Filter and Cooler - 2.8 TGV - Find Land Rover parts at LR Workshop So reading that correctly, the oil is cooled just after the oil filter using block coolant water? - if so imo that's probably less cooling effect than the 300tdi set-up. Just from my experience of how I've seen the oil temp effect my coolant temps I'd definitely be having a deeper look at your oil temps and possible consider some supplementary oil cooling. I know my coolant system is under a fair bit more strain since the VNT upgrade, as pretty much all my rub
  13. Oil cooler? - I dont have a TGV, but I have upgraded to a VNT turbo (on my 200tdi) and I have found that the oil temperature with this turbo seems to run a good bit higher - on hot long runs up to 20 degrees hotter! - this has a knock on effect to the water temperature due to I presume the oil cooler being part of the main radiator. I had myself considered fitting an individual engine oil cooler on mine. I run a Madman EMS so I can see in some detail whats doing what..
  14. Yes "we" do care. mixing stainless and other steels types can work fine dependent on the environment and use of barrier coatings. Yes submerge in salty water you're going to get issues - yes put 12v across it you might get issues. Apply some knowledge and a bit of regular maintenance, it will work as desired. I've got various fixtures and fittings made from stainless throughout my truck and I can honestly say its a joy to work on when I need to dismantle something.
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