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  1. You might want to watch this... https://youtu.be/qNv_IMXnNzk
  2. Hello - welcome to the forum, some pictures of your problem would help.
  3. I put some of the rubber type on at the end of 2019 to "try" - what a big to install and by middle of 2020 they had split open. don't even go near them.
  4. Managed to get her finished off today, after a minute to prime the oil and fuel system she started pretty effortlessly. Been for some test drives and she seems to work ok, feels a bit different, not quite sure how yet, and she might be a little more smokey at times, but that could just be me focusing more on the exhaust pipe during the test drives. Was pretty nervous turning the key, that's for sure! Hopefully I can keep her going a few more years before I rebuild the engine.
  5. I didn't know this - but I can say when I looked at mine - they had a slightly funny colour to them very much bronze looking, I didn't really think much to it.
  6. Not an answer to the topic but some pictures for the alternatives.
  7. I did buy some adhesive just in case - I'll keep an eye on mine make sure they stay in place. - if they're going to pop off on any engine its mine - with the VNT turbo you run pretty high boost pressure 1.2bar +
  8. Interesting comment - Richard at turners pointed this out and tbh I'd never really thought about it. Tdi's are positive/equal pressure type system so unless there is something quite wrong, valve stem seals last a very long time, as they dont really have to work all that hard to stop oil going past them. Anywhoo as I changed the valves in my case it made sense to put new seals in too.
  9. I know an old Thread but some useful information - I was dreading doing valve stem seals on my 200tdi (after reading this thread), but turned out it was a doddle. It had Elring seals on - they need a pretty hard pull to come off with some mole grips, and replacement Elring seals sources from Turner Engineering - nice tight fit I used a 13mm socket to gentle tap them into place. They felt properly firm and seated. - took only a few minutes in the end really. I took the valve springs off with one of these: " Universal Overhead Valve Spring Compressor Engine Removal Jaw Tool" worked a treat very little faff.
  10. Busy afternoon cleaning and installing, flipping hot work. My Turner parcel arrived at 11, so had no more excuses. The Elring valve stem seals popped on with a gentle hammer tap and felt nice and tight, new valves slotted in, heat stopped play so I retreated to the shade and stripped the injectors and installed new nozzles. Sun popped behind a cloud so I finished off scrubbing the block and pistons and got head back torqued down. Might actually get her finished tomorrow.
  11. @Gazzar the area in red is the actual machined face, the rough area above is actually at a different angle which I suspect is the rough insert finish prior to machining.
  12. Yeah I've got a new set of valves coming from turners tomorrow. - @Gazzar which marks are bothering you?
  13. So pulled the valves, the head seats looks fine, but the valve seats don't look that great and a few valves have got some. Marks that indicate they where forced to one side, for the sake of good order I've got a new valve set on its way. The inlet valve on no3 which had the most rag stuck in it has a massive built up of oily carbon on it, due to the rag I don't know.
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