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  1. I don't know what the backlash is for those boxes but it must be relatively tight, does the play of the input shaft relate to the gap you can see, if so there isn't an adjustment for that kind of looseness, its just down to wear of components. I tried to find a new main sector shaft, but no joy at all in finding any spares for the 6 bolt. Considering they've fit the 4 bolt type to every recent iteration of Defender for the past heaven know how many years, including hi-caps, 130's etc etc, I doubt there is need to worry about the "duty" of the units. Having said that Hobsons are still selling them at a somewhat exuberant price...
  2. Having had Hella Rallye 1000's on Camel trophy trucks, I've now got 4 upstairs on my roof rack for my 90 and they take a H2 50 or 100W bulbs, good solid reliable lamps.
  3. other than a bout of curiosity... did you have any need to change it? i.e. have you been experiencing high water temps etc?
  4. hmmm people seem to have missed the part where he's said "2nd hand" unfortunately that's where I see the problem at...
  5. Thanks, position filled. Admin you can delete this thread if you want.
  6. Hi folks, My sister in law works at Blair Castle Estate, Perthshire, Scotland and they're looking for a standard looking "1980's" period Landy to be filmed by a drone (for ITV) driving around some areas on the estate. It will happen Thursday 1st June (Next week). If anyone is interested, drop me a PM with your details and I'll pass them on. There may be some compensation but don't know the details or you might just have to take the experience and the "je ne se qua" factor of being on TV and having a day driving around a picturesque highland estate... Evidently my 90 is "not suitable" Cheers Mav
  7. Hi folks, Does anyone have any recommendations for a load guard/cargo net that fills up the hole above the rear passenger seat headrests to ceiling in a 110 CSW, looking for something not clunky and ideally off the shelf. Mav
  8. Not mine. "Stolen Sunday 16th West Kirkby, Wirral" Some pretty specialist parts on it which no doubt be on the market soon, keep eyes peeled.
  9. My own personal experience supports the general thinking, Genuine are far superior to any branded UJ's I've ever used. I went through a period of changing them out every 6 months on one prop, then after getting a lucky strike of two cheap genuine LR ones on ebay I've not actually had to go back and change out certainly in the past 12 -24 months. No grease nipples on them other than the standard centre one, but I did noticed that there was quite advanced grease channels cut into the bearing area's, regular greasing especially after wet weather seems to have kept them happy.
  10. Superb, some really impressive cinematography I think its called!.. nice filming anyway! yup I'll follow you. You made me chuckle when you digressed on the circular saw you found looking forlorn, sound very much like we've got the same faulty gene...!
  11. Just simply park your truck up and pop the hi/low stick into the centre point of the H like the picture says: Then just slowly run the truck up through the gears, you can then listen to see if the noise is still there, what this does is effectively tells you fn the noise is coming from the gearbox or the "top" side of the transfer box. if the noise is not there when you do this, it means its either the output bearings on the transfer box or UJ's or diff or hubs etc, which there are other testing you can then do to find out if the rest are ok.
  12. If the noise is still there when the transfer box is in neutral, you can rule out any issues with your diff's prop shafts cv's, hubs, transfer box output bearings etc etc.... in which case you're looking at internal gearbox bearings and internal transfer box bearings, or engine related, but low rumbling usually points to an unhappy bearing in your transmission. So maybe a few avenues for you to explore now are, change the oil in the Transfer box and Gear box, see if it improves, or if the oil is already new I'd be looking at is either removing the sump hatch on the transfer box or removing the input gear hatch on the transfer box, pull the gear and have a look at the bearings, also inspect the gears for wear/corrosion. you can also give the gearbox output shaft a wiggle see if that feels ok. Further steps out with above would be to remove gearbox or transfer box and swap with a known good ones... If the noise goes away when TB is in neutral, you can now concentrate on everything "south" of the intermediate gear in your transfer box, I'd recommend you try take a systematic approach starting at the transfer box output flanges, checking props, then diffs then axle ends then hubs. A bit tedious, but tries to get around the shooting from the hip and trying to randomly guess where the problem is.
  13. You get Cummins a lot in the smaller range of marine diesel generators, they have a good reputation for being pretty robust and easily serviceable, with parts generally available in most places, looks quite a tidy set-up. How big's your fleet? - I guess making a small batch of adaptor plates and conversion kits looks more cost effective than doing a single unit. The Australians used a 3.9ltr Isuzu unit in there army trucks and 6x6 trucks, could maybe be an option for you.
  14. DOH... ok brain fart, now I re-read it yes vehicle registration number... I assumed it would be something like a warranty number or summet... thanks for clearing that up...
  15. Si, if you're reading, did you provide a warranty type card thingy when you where selling them directly? wouldn't mind receiving an upgrade but I honestly can't remember any numbers etc Cheers Mav