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  1. If its in a highly stressed position, I've in the past popped a couple of heavy duty zip ties around the rubber donut, it helps support it and gives them a little longer life.
  2. Really interesting truck, looks a bit like this one: https://images.app.goo.gl/bF4btAsYywajy9QFA Land Rover Santana 2500DL or a DC2500. but yours seems to have been Defenderised a little more.
  3. Are you telling us you actually made the sliding doors in that Start Wars movie....
  4. I did use to have an exmore trim wading blanket thing installed on my truck for quite a few years - was just after we experienced a lot of flooding in Aberdeenshire, suffice to say in the 4 years it was on I never needed to used it and I'm pretty sure it restricted airflow into the rad on my 200, so I took it off a few years ago now, it hadn't reacted very well to UV started to fade and fall apart. I now carry a re-usable Tesco shopping bag one of those square tough material ones, if I see any deep water I need to go through then that gets tied on over the grill to get me through any wate
  5. Slightly ironic - thats starting to look like a Grenadier...
  6. While the new Defender continues to win awards and accolades, its iconic predecessor is about to gain a fresh lease of life. Land Rover has given off-road performance specialists Bowler Motors a licence to produce a limited edition based on the classic Defender 110 Station Wagon. The first vehicle co-developed between Special Vehicle Operations and Bowler, it will feature those time‑honoured body panels underpinned by Bowler’s rally-proven CSP high-strength steel chassis and powered by Land Rover’s potent 575PS 5.0-litre Supercharged V8. Inside, the classic Defender’s spartan interior makes wa
  7. This is a tricky one, I've had a good search this morning and can't find much.
  8. Massively impressed with your persistence and achievements with this construction process, you should be very happy with yourself, pat on the back.
  9. Just noticed the two bracket holes, on the left hand side of the windscreen as you look at it - looks very much like pre installed mounts for a snorkel or raised air intake. -interesting.
  10. I've got a Webasto Thermotop C in my 90, due to the faff and of extending water pipes I tried to keep them as short as possible, I ended up putting in place of the washer bottle on the front left hand wing internal L bracket, you can see it here when I initially installed it. Diamond in the rough... - Page 3 - Members Vehicles Forum - LR4x4 - The Land Rover Forum It's still there and gets daily use through these winter months. One of the big plus sides of having it close to the cab heater is that it get its nice and hot to give you a boost of warm air for demisting and warming up the
  11. Awesome bit of reading, really functional design, got to say I'm really impressed with the Webasto work. Superb. Mav
  12. Have you put a silencer on the exhaust? I've got a Airtop in my van with a silencer on it and its pretty good at muffling noise, compared to the Thermotop in my 90 which is like a small jet engine firing away without a silancer.
  13. Found some on ebay, £115 - LAND ROVER 200 TDI NEW BOSCH INJECTOR NOZZLES SET OF 4 DSLA145P208 0433175017 . | eBay Got them yesterday, all pukka.
  14. I bought a set of refurbished injectors a few years ago, they're in my truck and been running a few years now, but I've never quite been convinced by them. So this thread persuaded me to buy some nozzles and do a rebuild myself.
  15. So you can activate the switch manually? As I recall you can't do that on the later (td5) type.
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