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  1. Maverik

    300tdi oil leak

    The only other time I've had oil come out there other than an obvious worn rear crank shaft seal was when I accidentally blocked the breather outlet and it obviously pressurised the sump and block in which oil squeezed out of a few places.
  2. Maverik

    Air Portable Utility 1/2t S3

    Small steps - "new" bulkhead top blasted and dropped off at the galvanisers, old top stripped off and is quite a mess, - although the top of the lower bulkhead looks to be decent condition - when I get around to it I'll repair the top and sell it on.
  3. Maverik

    Defender 200 Tdi water pump question

    Hi Mo, I think they are one but the same. and this link also points to the same conclusion... https://www.johnrichardssurplus.co.uk/water-pump-kit-da2135.html
  4. Awesome, good work Fridge.
  5. Maverik

    Air Portable Utility 1/2t S3

    So a bit of progress - trial fitting after repairs, oh I bought a new to me sewing machine that proved up to the job. The intermediate hoop I had found had been cut down so I', just making up a new one then the hood will be installed permanently.
  6. Maverik

    Trackers good bad and ugly

    I looked into trackers a few years ago but I've never installed one, I'm still not that convinced about them, especially as a topic on hear showed you can buy a tracker "bug finder" from Amazon for peanuts which kinda negates the whole thing really. Just worth factoring in.
  7. Maverik

    Air Portable Utility 1/2t S3

    So some new acquisition soon to be added...
  8. Maverik

    Air Portable Utility 1/2t S3

    Totally agree, i was just looking at the body actually will makes some efforts to remove the layers of bronze green, then she'll get rubbed down and painted olive or olive and black there's a few dents here and there I'll be straightening out to square her up a bit but thats about it, the rear tub inside will need the most work. In other news i just got her running. New plugs leads and distributor and she fired up on the first turn, well chuffed, and coincidently I'm no longer a series truck driver virgin, took it for a spin to check the transmission, all good except stopping is interesting with only one wheel... great fun Now I get why peoples like series trucks 😁
  9. So I've kinda adopted a short term project, she's in not bad shape from the off but she has been abused so needs tidying up, so mechanical then body work fettle get a new hood sorted for her, I've never worked on anything order than 86 so this is somewhat new. Plan is to revert her back to military spec or as close as practical, lots of TLC where the previous owner has abused, I've applied for the vehicle service record from the RLCM be interested to see where she's been, tips tricks and suggestions always welcome... presently just trying to get her started... wish it was a diesel... Mav
  10. Maverik

    What hoods/tilts/canvases fit what?

    Perfect, thats what i was hoping to hear.
  11. So I've been searching the web to try work out if a S3 lightweight has its onwn type of hood, or will a s3/s2 standard hood set-up fit right off? I presume a 90 hood will be too long. As its a bit of a cross topic I put it here rather than under a more specific vehicle type. A little bit new to the whole series game I'm afraid... Mav
  12. Maverik

    Vehicle transport recommendations

    So the new joint venture got delivered today, thanks to Simons brother, got it rolling and off his transporter. Spent most of the day trying to get her started but i'll continue this in another thread.
  13. Maverik

    Vehicle transport recommendations

    Super service, already lining up the next job
  14. Maverik

    Td5 refusing to start now...argh!

    Now i think on it, one of our old team Td5's did this thing that if she'd been standing and you unlocked with the fob got it started then about 10 second into the drive the engine would cut out. Simple solution was to open close the truck with the fob few times before getting in and starting. Try locking unlocking it a few times?
  15. Maverik

    Vehicle transport recommendations

    Thanks for the suggestions folks I think I'm sorted Mav

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