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  1. Vibrating gear lever....anything to worry about?

    fantastic, I've done the same a few times when getting around to doing a job, I Google and find a very helpful article on here... then you flick to the top and see who started the topic and it turns out it was yourself... superb
  2. Another 3k-4k and its done

    You see, when you have a build like this... how do you pluck up the courage to even allow it to leave a covered area? knowing full well it will start to rust in front of you... god a hate land rovers.... no I actually love them.... but god I hate them...
  3. Swivel housing advice

    Timesert... interesting stuff, never seen these before... http://www.timesert.com/
  4. New Defender

    3rd April... 2018...
  5. New Defender

    The off-road trials have being going on and I am led to believe the road trials are in progress so keep your eye out...
  6. Bulkhead repair or replace

    I replaced my 86 bulkhead with a 2002 td5 one 5yrs ago now, but I didn't have the funds or skills to get it galvanised, I know of at least one hole already that has appeared and its showing signs in other places too, quite disheartening, but on the plus side I have another brand new bulkhead I'll be getting shot blasted and galvanised quite soon and that will be going in the back pocket for the next re-build...
  7. I had D1 300tdi 97 windscreen replaced by autoglass last summer and they provided all the corect finishers too, they need to be applied before the windscreen is bonded in as they clip onto the outer edge of the screen.
  8. Forum Logo - Show off your graphic design skills

    The LR4X4 is good but the .com thing needs tweeking IMHO something to do with the writing being perpendicular to the back side of the number 4 really doesn't sit right with me, just my humble opinion mind, you've made the effort to have a go which is much more than most
  9. Forum Logo - Show off your graphic design skills

    I rather like this one, the writing is quite "futuristic"
  10. 200tdi cyclinder head core plug leak?

    Ominous silence on here is never really a good thing...
  11. 200tdi starter motor earth

    Always tricky when there's more than one else problem in the bag... glad you've got her fixed
  12. I've been finding coolent sat on the protrusion of the cylinder head gasket at the back of the engine on inspection with a mirror it looks to be sneaking out of a core plug on the back of the head, one with a stamp or something printed in the middle, anyone seen this before? I've read about the block plugs going but nothing about a head failure...? New head time ?
  13. Alternator issues

    Unfortunately I see the common problem being the blue box... its worth keeping your eye our for a Lucas 65 amp alternator on fleebay, or I think I got one from paddocks spares for not that much ££'s.
  14. Alternative level plug for Salisbury axle?

    Can you not just wrap the plug with ptfe tape? I'd say proper fix would be to pop the pan, pretty straight forward, you get to see the diff in all its glory too
  15. 300Tdi Rear Main Oil Seal Replacement Failure

    was the seal one of the ones that comes with the alu housing too? The turner ones come with the installation cone, now something that took me a few attempts at working our was that the plastic inner cone that is installed in the seal lip, make sure you keep it in the same orientation as it comes to you, i.e the wider part of the plastic thing almost sits over the crank boss, you then give it a firm but confident push which forces the plastic seal holder through the seal allowing it to expand momentarily allowing it to snap onto the flange shoulder, its a tad unnerving but it works. Even if there is a polished ring from the old seal, unless its a deep groove it will be ok, like previously said as long as polishing was done around the shoulder of the flange and not perpendicular to it, should be ok. When you take the thing apart you should be able to identify straight away if its leaking from the seal you installed. I'd probably haul the engine out... I find it easier than faffing around underneath unless you've got a nice pit, or ramps that is.