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  1. Not got one no.... but I'm booked to go for a play in one once things start up again, my uncle's got a free shot in it, due to his other purchase (Velar) but this is the uncle that submerged his red Evoque on a pay and play site a few years ago...
  2. No - you can paint them, I just couldn't be arsed.
  3. I went through a few Dremels, not all that hard wearing in my opinion. I got a Draper own branded thing - very similar but cheaper and seems to have been much more robust, still going strong.
  4. I got fed up of the door hinge issue and now got some expensive SS ones on, got to say 3 yrs later they're still as tight as the day I installed them. I had a pair of Genuine LR later type hinges give up in just under 5 years. no impressed as they're not cheap.
  5. Why is that? "Disgust?" - so that means all the ROW spec trucks had them?
  6. Came across this the other day, thought it was quite interesting, you don't hear much about Cummins in vehicles over here, although they seem to dominate small marine engines. Thought it might be of interest on here. Out the box engine: https://shopcummins.com/products/cummins-r28-turbo-diesel?variant=28164531421284 LR Conversion adaptors: https://quickdrawbrand.com/product/cummins-r28-land-rover-defender-crate-engine-with-complete-adapter-kit/
  7. I just received the copper nuts, they're magnetic, so I presume they're copper plated. they look pretty durable so going to give them a try, worst case I guess is they don't stay tight so I'll just change them out. I just wanted to check make sure i'd not missed something obvious with using them over the cheap galvanised ones.
  8. Hi folks, So I've got my exhaust manifold off my Defender 200tdi at the moment, the nuts around the turbo where quite corroded so ordered some replacement, when searching for nuts I got quite a few hits with copper nuts. Does anyone have any advice with using copper nuts on the exhaust manifold?, are there any benefits for me to fit copper nuts over standard steel ones? or reasons why I shouldn't use them? Mav
  9. Yeah I've used Duralac with some good results so far, a bit sticky to deal with but it appears pretty tough stuff.
  10. Yup - so where do I put my deposit? This just highlights how far Land Rover actually missed the mark.
  11. After seeing this topic the other day I did a little reading on the topic too, it looks like that certain cam bearings are designed to be "line bored" in situ - i.e. they have excess grey bearing material to take into account a light skim from the boring process.
  12. I got some of these before Christmas, and got to say they're great, on those wet or steamy days you just angle them up towards the windows and they clear them really quickly. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293609274452?ViewItem=&item=293609274452
  13. This came out last year https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-to-consult-on-ban-on-10-year-old-tyres-to-boost-road-safety#:~:text=Emerging evidence and leading expert,our roads safer for everyone.&text=The collision was caused by,front axle of the coach. We managed the tyres on the Mountain Rescue Vehicles, as we didn't used to do enough miles to wear them down, we never let anything go over 10 years. I was running a brand new (old stock) set of BFG all terrains which where 10year + (they had been stored in dark dry conditions, I was pretty wary at first but I did a pretty details inspection of them prior to use and I kept a close eye on them for any cracking etc and they worked fine for 2 years, then they started to show some small perish cracking so I retired them, having done a good 25k miles on them. If you have any doubt at all change them, as an " in service" failure can lead to nasty accidents.
  14. We should move this topic into the "New 2020 Mk2, Defender" sub forum now... its official 😁
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