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  1. You say "grease" once you've had a play with the stuff you'll understand, its more like watered down molyslip, its pretty wet just not quite as wet ar Ep90. I'm just finishing an axle end rebuild.
  2. If you can hear it spinning, id say you've got a starter issue or part of it is worn out. It wouldn't spin if it was a bad connection. I had the bendix clutch go on my starter a few years ago and you hear the starter going but it just doesn't turn the engine. Mav
  3. Well done I've rebuilt a few starter motors now, there are a lot of Valeo parts to be found on ebay, less Bosch. I resorted to this after I kept finding stuff from china and they're just not up to the job imho. If its just the solenoid thats gone, see of you can find a replacement. They're quite easily rebuild able.
  4. A very good effort, now I've just acquired 2x TD5 bulkhead looms... would you do a loom conversion again?
  5. I don't think you can buy anything direct from Adwest anymore and I'm sure someone said that they where discontinuing the Defender Steering box, seems to have been reflected in the price of them to as they're going up.
  6. Its a funny one that as I think the stud came out last time I had the chest off on mine (rather than the nut coming off the stud), so it would have got loctite'd in when I put it back. I'd be trying to stem the leak at the source, so yeah pull the stud and seal it back in with either loctite or some silicone.
  7. I'm just rebuilding my front axle ends after 11 years and just shy of 80000 miles, I put 1 shot in originally and I'll be putting it in again. Yes it is a messy job, but if you do it right you really shouldn't be needing to go in there very often - my CV's where found it tip top condition - quite chuffed with it actually as the grease is obviously doing its job. If its leaking I'd say you have a problem with your seal or your swivel pre-load and would probably get it replaced/looked at at some point, changing to one shot will probably reduce your leak but it wont go away, one shot is pretty wet too its like some moly grease has been mixed into some EP80W90.
  8. Ouch - another LR cost saving scheme no doubt.
  9. I see - its not that it wont come off the shaft - its that a Td5 CV joint isn;t compatible with a TDCI half shaft...
  10. I find that a little hard to believe. But alas I've not played with a later defender set-up.
  11. CV's don't usually have to be replaced with a half shaft, they do come apart. But I notice that there doesn't seem to be a part number just for the CV joint now. If anyone would know it would be Ashcroft Transmissions, I'd drop them a line and see what they say, failing that buy a Britpart (cheap) Td5 type CV and see if it fits. .. I just checked the stub axle part number from a late Td5 to a TDCI and they are the same part, so Its a good assumption the CV joint is the same.
  12. I've got this I'm trying to give away but I'm not getting very far... Its a 2.5NA which has been overheated so head is cracked. Its minus the Transfer case now. Came out of an 86 truck. As you can see I'm in Aberdeenshire, where are you?
  13. you can usually just spin the front or rear part of the housing around to allow it to be the "other hand". I've done it a few times, pretty straight forward. You need to remove the 3 bolts that hold it all together and spin then bolt back. Mav
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