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  1. Strange engine number?

    http://www.russellnewbery.com Initials RN that make/ rebuild engines.... might worth a follow up with them if you're that way inclined...
  2. Mig reccomendations h

    I believe the oxfords and the portamigs are made in the same factory and are pretty much identical - great build quality and makes mig welding a practical pleasure. - for pretty much all things welding I use http://www.mig-welding.co.uk some great advice.
  3. Mig reccomendations h

    Portamig.... love it... such a solid machine.
  4. Russian Microcat online off-line?

    Just pop it into google and you get it - I've been using it fine all week for a little project. (windows 7 - IE)
  5. Engine Woes 200tdi

    Turner Engineering gas flow re-manufactured head.
  6. Engine Woes 200tdi

    Not cheap, but its given my aged 200 a really nice lease of life, quite horrifyingly actually - just shows how rough it had become.
  7. New fuel pump problem

    Whats the fuel filter body like? they have a habit of crumbling away and letting air into the system, but sounds like its more a pic-up orientated problem... what was the make of the fuel pump you used?... as seen as its started happening after the event of changing it I'd say its got an issue... don't get to caught up with the "as its new it must be ok" - this has caught me out a few times.
  8. water pump bolts 2.5NA

    Back the train up a wee bit... don't use copper slip on the bolts, this I believe actually speeds up the galvanic process of getting the bolts stuck! there was some debate on it in one of my threads after I changed the water pump on my 200tdi, so much so that I'll be taking the bolts out shortly one by one and removing the copper slip as best I can and replacing with something non metallic based. Copper slip + steel bolts + aluminium housing + in warm damp setting = galvanic cell..
  9. OT - Ford engine oil pressure way too high

    Oil lights should "fail safe" i.e. if it fails it will come on - unlike the TDCI puma's... which fail unsafe... could be a duff oil pressure sender.
  10. OT - Ford engine oil pressure way too high

    Some "dangerous" assumptions going on here, unless you can measure the oil pressure I wouldn't be assuming anything, seal splitting is one thing, but that picture of the new filter, just looks to me like the oil seal hasn't be pre-lubed before tightening and its just grabbed it when the filter was being screwed on. imho of course.
  11. Engine Woes 200tdi

    Oh and having my head re-built, I used to get some pretty heavy breathing - oil depositing (small pool) into the neck of the filter box, since the refurb, I don't get any of that. If I was you I'd do a top end overhaul for medium term, then get a spare engine built up ready for long term.
  12. side window vents

    I've bought a bag full of the puma vents, but on getting them they're not really conducive to fitting in the right place, they're a bit big and square and you generally have a round hose supplying the air... round hose square fitting... problem...
  13. 2.5 TD time to start when cold

    Not to mention a strong battery too... if your battery isn't turning the engine over quick enough it can have the symptom of slow to start. If your battery is healthy you get a pretty positive and strong engine turn over. As well as I had a brit-part starter at one point and it always took a handful of cranks to start the engine - down to what I presume as the above issue, not turning over quick enough.
  14. Did LR galv any Defender CSW components?

    My 86 90 the door sill's where galvanised as where the body capping's.
  15. Puma will not start!!!!

    So the immobiliser light is going out on the dash? Next thing to do is find someone with a fault code reader. I now look after 4 mountain rescue TDCi's and we have a reader now as standard, any problems at all and that's the first thing we do is plug them in.