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  1. 300TDi overhaul

    There was a topic taking about 300tdi oil pump recently can't put my finger on it just now, but the generally thought was as the pump drive lacks a proper engaging "key" that the super high crank pulley bolt torque was due to the force actually squeezing the oil pump drive so the connection was made due to the compression effect on the oil pump drive rather than a traditional keyway type of drive. If that makes sense...
  2. Er. Horn upgrade post (well additional tooter)

    I installed anot electric siren for a GP friend of mine was quite impressed with the output of that thing, on my to do list.
  3. Wow that is seriously mental , hats off sir.
  4. I ran NAS lights all 4 corners since I've had the truck, always used 21w bulbs and they've always been fine. I've recent upgraded the NAS fittings to what I think is either a military or genuine Land Rover "NAS" type fitting - the plugs and unit are much more durable and the bulb holder to lens body has a proper O ring in rather than a silly foam gasket. In addition to the lens change I changed all the bulbs to the 125 lumen LED filament bulbs from Halfords, really happy with the results. Still don't really agree with the DLR concept, people now think they are more visible with front lights. but no ones mentioned rear... but that's not the point and I'll happily agree to disagree Back to bulbs... now Halfords do a "double filament" LED bulb as used for break lights, I recently went in and purchased a clear set with exactly the same number/configuration of LEDs but with only one input pin on the bottom of the bulb, now I could quite easily see that you could buy a set of each led bulbs and switch the bottoms over, so you in effect get a double LED filament bulb, i.e. the centre could be used as a DLR as it quite focused (this is usually the break light filament LED) and the outer LED's would work normally as side lights... This is the white version single contact http://www.halfords.com/motoring/bulbs-blades-batteries/car-bulbs/halfords-382-p21w-led-car-bulbs-x-2 This is the brake light double contact http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Halfords-Premium-382-P21W-LED-Car-Upgrade-Replacement-Light-Bulb-/321881385342 I like the Halfords stuff over a lot of others as the LED's are usually protect from moisture where as a lot of the ones you see on fleebay have open circuit boards, and running them in a standard wipec NAS light I found they couldn't handle the moisture ingress. Addendum: on reading the package, the tail light ones could already be White, I never checked them out of the housing which has a red filter, will check it when I get home, in which case you've got a decent LED twin filament bulb you could relatively easily convert... I swear someone's missing a trick with this LED technology moving into automobile market...
  5. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    If its a VDO unit demon tweeks do the senders for them? I've got VDO senders from them to work with my Madman, they're pretty swift with delivery too usually.
  6. Having gone through this myself... I would just look for a more standard vehicle from the beginning... you'll tie yourself in knots and have to spend a lot more money than you think to get it back to "standard"...
  7. Black smoking now after ticking noise issue.

    I was recently perusing the workshop manual and I noticed there is a core plug type affair that separates the pre combustion chamber from the cylinder combustion chamber, the plugs/inserts can be removed/replaced as part of a head overhaul, they weren't touched where they when you had the head work done?, just something randomly stupid like removing them and not putting them back, quite how that would cause such bad running is questionable. - rule out the impossible just leaves the possible however improbably... I think Spock said that once...
  8. Black smoking now after ticking noise issue.

    Those cylinder heads have a pre mix chamber don't they?
  9. Black smoking now after ticking noise issue.

    After reading your symptoms gut feeling is leaning towards a timing issue, but why this could have been effected from a top end overhaul is a little odd. Blocked breather/back pressure in the sump can cause a hell of a lot of smoke production. Now I wonder if there was a reason why the valve stem seals where not installed on this engine in the first place...
  10. LED headlights

    "be prepared to lubricate the cooling fan every 10-15 days..." - hmmmm no... I've been looking at these bulbs for some time but there's just been something about them that I've held off... I just don't see them lasting very long in a landy at all. I installed some angel eye type ones that where purchased from flat dog for a mate, he seems pretty happy with them and its been over a year now.
  11. Black smoking now after ticking noise issue.

    its the way of the Land Rover... you've not been touching other vehicles have you... they do get jealous...
  12. Power mirrors for 110 1984??

    I was gonna say you can shoot them and it just looks like a wee pigeon poop, the website did make me chuckle, they're obviously very proud of there product, sounds like they'd outlast your standard vehicle these days...
  13. Kam Drop in Locker - any feedback?

    Fair enough, you obviously feel rather strongly about the subject, a shame, the concept looked pretty good. Thanks Nige for taking tome to elaborate. Have you posted that sump plug yet.... Mav
  14. I've never quite grasped the concept of daylight running lights, when you have a perfectly good set of lamps on the front of a vehicle that you can just switch on? I drive around in my 90 with side and headlamps on as standard. But not to muddy the water from the original topic post. You could do this quite simply using a double pole type relay and some basic relay logic, as per above.
  15. Bonnet catches

    Man if you're going reto... Camel's have these and they work perfectly well. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-BONNET-FASTENER-CATCH-MILITARY-FOR-LAND-ROVER-SERIES-MRC5314/253124225503?hash=item3aef6129df:g:G44AAOSw~RNZpspg As Bowie eludes too... what's going on with the present one? its not a common thing you see problems with...