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  1. thats what i wondered but i thinks he's probably sold the other bits under different names on ebay or private just have to see what the police have found or not found they said there was alot of stuff there so dont know what they have got/not got
  2. i think thats what they are investigating they already had IP address, address, etc a few hours after reporting it with the police so will have to see going get updated tomorrow they phoned me today 12-1ish to say they were there he was under arrest etc and phoned me at 6ish this evening to say whats happened threw out the day so have really go to town on him luckally
  3. it is gutting but not as gutting as never knowing what happened too it, just really hoping he gets what he deserves time will tell
  4. well police bit all sort now bloke arrested but cant prove he was the one who stole it so can only be done for handling stolen goods (dont no what that gets him, slap on the wrist or jail) this is what is left of my once pride and joy have to see now what the police finish off with and insurance come back with sad ending to the story dave
  5. lol i thought that at first but the people they need are working on other jobs and it was too late to get things sorted for today so gotta wait
  6. i will post pics next week of the out come as police cant do anything till monday sometime.
  7. i just got a phone call off a mate he has seen it on ebay only as a rolling chassis i have got numbers etc going try get an address in a bit have told police what can i do now to get him for it (p.s will try not to do anything stupid ) i would put details up but i dont want to compromise the chance the police finding out who has done it so not sharing anything yet sorry
  8. i wont be buying a second for now anyway no way i can afford to build another one for a bit, future plans for a Td5 hard top, standard ish for laning is the way i'm thinking or disco td5, but wont be untill the insurance goes threw etc. me mates who went 2 weeks before mine is doing the same problem with all this is insurance is now doubled, £420 for me landy everything declaired, now just shy of £800 for a £650 golf diesel just have to wait. i advise everyone who has a truck to do anything, wrap a chain tight around the steering wheel and pedals, at least it may slow them down and make a
  9. there was no glass, plastic or paint on the floor around mine so i'm guessing a simple piece of metal between glass and door to pop the button up on the inside is how me mate thinks there getting in, mine had new barrels etc as they got buggered in the salt threw winter but mine was definately not driven away it has a straight threw pipe that wakes me mum up every time it is started, so pushed or towed away till they could drive it i guess
  10. cheers for the kind words everyone totally gutted there have been loads going round here recently me mates got took 2 weeks ago just one of the grim facts of life
  11. hi everyone just to ask every to keep there eyes open for my defender 90 truck cab was stolen last night from outside my house very destictive truck. 300tdi truck cab galv chassis 8274 twin motored front winch on scorpian racing tubular bumper simex jungle trek, 34x10.5 scorpion 3" lift kit security box in the back recaro seat inside loads more that cant think of now so few pic's i know slim chances of seeing it again but worth a try 07739342965 cheers dave
  12. thinking back now paul when i was over there and we went big mama's (very nice indeed and the food was nice too ) we came back to the truck and it wouldn't start did this to start it when you went to borrow a battery was this the same or another reason? dave
  13. without sounding rude as i'm not sure best way to word it all but, i dont see how a faulty alternator problem can cause now dash lights/no starting/no power, yet it has been said there is power when the truck is turned off but not when it comes to restart it. granted there is a problem there with the alternator charging but i dont see how this can be the starting problem
  14. it also rules out the alarm/immobiliser you could disconnect the second better completely for now while you test as long as the other is earthed etc
  15. is it not worth trying the alarm/immobiliser set up? go to a place far away from people sit in vehicle arm alarm wait, usually 10 secs, then set it off, make sure no keys etc are in the ignition until its going off. and before disarming it try to start it if you have no dash lights thats telling us its wired in to the ignition and could be the source of the problem, if you get dash lights its time too look else were. another fault could be the ignition barrel on its way out maybe, only guessing here as not sure what they go like when there going out.
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