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  1. Utter b###ocks, I have issued hundreds and hundreds of tickets for both of those offences and i can not think of one where the vehicle has been a 4x4.
  2. Western, I cannot see much in that pic. That is the underside of the gearbox. I saw the hole and oil and assumed that the plug had dropped out and spilt oil everywhere. If it is a wading plug then it looks like oil from the sump gasket has found its way back there.
  3. This is what i am missing and this is what i was given with that part number. It is about four times too big.
  4. Reverse is below 5th so it is a R380. Have i been given the fill plug then? What is the part number for the correct drain plug and washer? Are the R380's a pain to fill? Western, Well remembered about the oil cooler.
  5. I need a new oil drain plug and washer for my Wolf. Im 99% sure it is a R380 gearbox. I went to APB today and asked for that got home and the plug is about 4 times too big for the hole. The part number of the one they gave me was FRC6145. Can anybody give me the correct part numbers? What oils should i put in the gearbox and how much does it take? Thanks Ben.
  6. I have found this out "The quality of a very good VCD is about the same as a VHS tape based movie but VCD is usually a bit more blurry" These are the clips i need Video 1 and http://www.unoriginal.co.uk/footage50_5.html as you can see the quality is not that good to start with.
  7. Hello all, I need a couple of clips burning onto a DVD for a presentation i have to do at work. I do not have a DVD burner and the people i know that do, have not yet been able to successfully burn a DVD that will play in a standard DVD player. The total time for both these clips is about 2 minutes. Is there anybody out there that can help with this problem?
  8. My Wolf has the steering wheel on the "wrong side" so that shouldn't be a problem.
  9. I'm not selling it (just the roll cage that is ). Here are some pics anyway. It's quite hard to see because it is the same colour as the car and the snorkels obstruct the view at the front.
  10. Ben Jordan

    I'M OFF

    Holly s##t, i did that flight in a Tri-star and that was really bad, so in a Herc it will be terrible
  11. I've got an external roll cage on a 110 hard top but thats probably not what you are after.
  12. I am thinking of buying a second hand van in Germany and bringing it back to the UK. What taxes would i be charged and how do they work out the cost? What else would i have to do to get it registered and legal for the UK roads? Thanks in advance.
  13. I think i have come to the end of my joy with Land rovers
  14. Okay i suppose there is a difference between value and what i want for it
  15. Not when the value of it is 10% of my new house
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