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  1. Thanks for the help guys! I think I may have a Discovery diff assembly but with a defender 4bolt flange fitted! The seal looks like FTC5258 which is for the Discovery! Just wondering did Landrover have a kind of cross over period where they may have used the same diffs in both Defenders and Discoveries or do you think mine may have been swapped at some point!?! Ill try taking pictures when I come to do it! Had to put it all back together without new seal because I had the wrong ones!
  2. Help!:/ I decided to have a go at this job myself after reading this helpful post! Long story short......I took off the propshaft expecting to see a castellated nut or nyloc nut and I am greeted with a 15mm bolt! I take all the necessary measurements etc and undo the bolt! The flange comes out and the seal looks nothing like frc8220 or frc4586! Can anyone shed any light in this?! Do I have a completely different diff assembly?! Thanks!
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