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  1. due to the cold weather and the fan being engine driven it could just be it is going to take longer to warm up it may be worth putting a blanket or some cardboard over the radiator to see if it warms up faster like that. im sure more ideas will be along shortly
  2. I wonder how many test machines they got through testing activ8, as it kept it lubricated once removed all following test would be useless.
  3. If your thinking along the lines of a paint less repair i dont think its possible i would imagine that the paint is cracked anyway, but if you dont mind a bit of filler in your panels it could be done. Probably easier to get another one, or put a sticker over it maybe even advertising the forum
  4. ok thanks very much ill keep my eye out for the other bits and be in touch when i need the bits from you. cheers tim oh one other thing was whats the best type of lamdba sensor
  5. oh i thought from the other post you meant it was best not to for reliability reasons
  6. well it looks like i had better buy some hotwire type injectors then, its getting worse. Thanks all for the help.
  7. I had a look on the chart and this is the info to go with the injectors, sadly i still dont know if they are ok as i dont no what the numbers mean 0-280-150-153 22.5 lbs/hr low
  8. The reason i asked was the engine in question already has the injectors in and most places i looked averaged £10 per injector. I have already spoken to nige about the engine when i bought it and he thinks its a JE 4.2, i just wasnt sure if they would still be ok as it tends to over fuel as it is on a jag flapper system. cheers tim
  9. Do you need to have specific injectors from a hotwire system or will megasquirt work with jaguar 4.2 injectors. Otherwise its looking more expensive by the minute.
  10. How do goodwinch compare against an 8274. I realise the comparison in price is quite big but obviously performance and reliabilty are major points aswell, as it stands im only really doing green lanes and playdays as most challenge events are a long travel,but if i buy one and start events i dont want to feel i did the wrong thing. I also understand any event is about mainly having fun, as a beginer i know the competion is very high but still its always good to have the right stuff if possible.
  11. I would imagine a fine thread and probably not self drilling so you can use a smaller drill to keep it really tight,could be wrong but at a guess its what i would do or use rivets.
  12. Does any one know where i could get one of these rollcages from. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/LANDROVER-DISCOVERY-3-9V8-bobtail-off-roader-trail-back_W0QQitemZ280472309640QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAutomobiles_UK?hash=item414d73cf88 I know its cruel but i just cant help it. Im not sure if i should remove this as my mum has told me im evil and my brother called me a b*****d for laughing at someones hard work.
  13. I can see a bidding war beginning already. As alot have mentioned it is light so could do well plus a couple of good winchs would pull it about easy, or in half. but doesnt really have that aggresive look of a landy.
  14. I was thinking about building a challenge truck myself but dont have the time. I was going to start with a base like this if anyone else is intersted in it. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FIAT-PANDA-BASED-OFF-ROADER-2-OR-4-WD-VERY-WELL-BUILT_W0QQitemZ120530665394QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAutomobiles_UK?hash=item1c102fffb2
  15. I think as far as looks go they are both nice as long as they are done well ( no gaffa tape and less than 8000 rivets )but really it depends on what you want it for obviously if you want to take more than one other person with you a pick-up is rather useless. work wise i wouldnt have thought there is much difference as they involve different changes, which i expect offset each other. either way it will take some time. As said above its always worth a few phone calls before you start a project to see what your allowed to do and what is asked of to keep legal. good luck which ever way you go
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