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M57 land rovers

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Hi all, 

I know m57 defender conversions have been talked about in detail and I have searched the internet in detail on the topic. I am looking at putting a m57 in my landy.

I have the bellhousing sorted with a p38 r380 housing, p38 r380 input shaft, single mass flywheel and p38 clutch assy.

The big hurdle is engine selection. The prices in Australia for the m57d29 and m57d30(tu/n) are the same. All the defenders I have seen with the conversion have had the earlier m57d29 dde4 as the electrics are "easier". Why is this the engine of choice? Rally raid make harnesses for both that are plug and play. I know a guy who can remove ews from either ecu. Is there can bus fault issues with the newer engine? Or am I missing something obvious different between the engines.

I would think the m57d30 with mechanical vgt turbo, cp3 hpp, no dpf and no lci injectors out of a e53 would be a good choice, ignoring breaking gearboxes.

Any insight into engine selection would be appreciated.

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I eventually found the answer to my own question. The m57n is slightly more complicated to wire (barely), but the m57d29 has a much sooner torque curve and is better suited to the gearing and weight of Landys. And land rover produces a much better workshop manual to build your own harness.




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taking the body off my chassis this week on the 110 to check the chassis if it doesn't need major work i'm also going to put an m57, I was looking at the d30 due to the amount of cars for braking e46 330ds there are

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