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Glovebox light

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Got the light working in the glove box, thought it was the bulb at first so replaced it. No joy, traced it back to a switch that sits behind the glovebox itself, you can gain access by carefully removing the two panels in the footwell, they're held in by plastic lugs that when in expand the fitting (similar to screw & wallplug)

Anyhoo I saw the switch which is a press switch for lack of the appropriate technical term, glovebox closes presses switch in, glovebox opens switch comes out. You'll understand what I mean when you remove it, disconnect the two wires on the spade connectors & with a flat blade screwdriver you're able to depress the tabs on the switch holding it in place on the metal plate & bring it through the hole towards you.

I stripped it down gently sanded clean any metal parts then carefully put it back together opposite to dismantling.

I refitted everything & once the headlights are on ( point to note) the glovebox light works when you open it.

Another point to note whilst I was faffing the light was out of its fitment on the metal plate (great idea to house electrics on land rover) once I'd concluded it all worked on fitting the light unit it shorted out on the metal plate.....get it blew fuse 33 (I think, it's late chuckle) 10A replaced that & jobs a HUD un. Thankyou for your time

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