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Commercial windows

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Hi not sure if this has been done before or weather I just can’t find it on hear 

im trying to get my back windows working on my 2013 commercial disco I’ve bought the extra plug in bits removed the door card removed the silicone from the plug socket on the motor plugged in the loom and all I get is a clicking noise from the solenoid?

have I missed something?

is there anything I should check.

also I have tried to remove the motor by undoing the 3 screws but there is a 3 armed plastic  peace over it I don’t want to force anything and break it.

any help on this will be much appreciated.

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Sussed it now guys the connectors I bought are handed but will fit in the bottom of either side window motor,

which is unusual as most connectors that are handed will only fit one side or the other.

confusion over with.

on another note does any one no weather all disc 4s come with the subwoofer in the tail gate if not is the wireing there to be able to retro fit one?

would be good to no before I attempt to remove the tailgate cover.

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