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P38 Bordeaux

P38 EKA Lockout. Battery Re-connection

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So usual problem of a 2001 P38 EKA lockout following battery drain. Vehicle did not respond to EKA procedure, any procedure no repeater lights, dash lights, not even KEY CODE LOCKOUT to an incorrect code. Fitted a new Optima battery but disconnecting and reconnecting battery resulted in dash KEY CODE LOCKOUT and a 30 minute wait, which I considered odd. Still no EKA joy and a telephone diagnosis advised that the BeCM was locked out and needed resetting. Decided to remove BeCM and send to Turner Diagnostics in Hemel Hempstead (https://www.turnerdiagnostics.com/). BeCM now been returned having been reset and am preparing to refit to car. With BeCM refitted I then need to reconnect battery. Question to those who know more than me: Will this re-connection result in KEY CODE LOCKOUT and will I have to attempt EKA procedure again? Any helpful advice appreciated. 

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