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110 Defender 2014 2.2Tdci Puma (LHD)

Wipers wouldn't turn off in any position (once switched on), so I went out an bought a Bosch programmable relay (model number: 0986335058) and fitted it as per :


Unfortunately made it worse, wipers wouldn't self park when put in park position (off) they'd just halt where they were when I put it in park, so I'd need to time it right and have the wiper near the bottom of the screen.  Also, when I put on intermittent, it would carry on wiping (like position 1).

So I thought it must be the wiper park switch.  The below details how to do this on a TD5 (I think?) :

I couldn't find anything detailing how to do this on a Puma 2.2Tdci so I had to resort to the Haynes (which was very good).  For anyone else working on an LHD model, everything is flipped, the wiper motor is on the passenger side, and to make matters worse the wiper motor is itself flipped, so the park switch is now against the bulkhead.  So you'll most likely have to take the entire wiper motor out.  I would highly recommend taking lots of photo's of all connections before unplugging (helped me a load when getting it all back together). 

IMG_20200404_175810.thumb.jpg.3daa02467149d638c1ece4eda36f806b.jpgFiddly job to put back, but again unfortunately made no difference - same problem as before (wipers wouldn't self park, and intermittent just acted as position 1).  So now I'm at a bit of a loss as to what could be the problem, any ideas? I think it could be a faulty relay again (perhaps the Bosch programmable was not designed for this model?).




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