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Simex and Silverstone actual tire sizes?

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How true do the 33 and 35 inch size Simex and Silverstones actually measure out? I found one reference to the 35" Silverstone being just slightly smaller than the same size Simex. Could anyone tell me what either of these tires ACTUALY MEASURE on their truck?

Sorry for the "colonial" spelling of tyre :blink:

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I have simex ET 2's 35x11.5x15's on mach 5 15" rims. Not measured them my self, but at the last Club Off Road event (who have a 35" 'measured' tyre size limit) mine were a bit touch and go with their 35" tyre gauge. I recon that they must be ~ 35.25" diameter. However others with the same tyre size had no such issues. Don't know if it was tyre wear, or different rim widths??


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