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Disco 2A - Eating headlamp bulbs


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Hi All,

Just had to change my dipped headlamp bulb, the third one in just over three months so I asked my friendly dealer if this was a common problem on the "facelift " Disco 2's. (SWMBO's has also taken a liking to the damn things as well).

He informs me that TIB L8924BU Dated 22/6/04 says that standard dipped headlamp H7 bulbs shouldn't be used. (Part No. XZQ000010) but "heavy duty" one's (Part No XZQ 000011) should be fitted.

Mirocat tells me they are both the same price (but the HD one's only come up for Freelanders!!!) so no financial penalty but bloody inconvenient as my G4 has the front light guards and A-bar fitted and it takes a major dismantle to change the sodding things!!!!

Hope this info is of use.

Tony:- If you want to move this to the Tech or Disco Forums in a few days...be my guest!!



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