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Gearbox tech needed


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Does anyone on here know anything about the ZF S-4 18/3 gearbox.

Hears what i know:

It's awfully short 15" end to end.

Has a crawler first (5.3 : 1)

Looks to be very strong inside.

But i carn't seem to find a damned thing about it, i believe it is a very close derivitive of the ZF S-5 that milners punt out as a heavy duty race box.

Here's what i don't know (but would like to)

What sort of power it can take.

Where i can get a bellhousing (i've 2 boxes but no bellhousings with them)

Any known faults.

Thanks in advance. :)

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I hope you took that close up - it looks about 10feet tall in that pic :unsure:

methinks its guts look like THIS

'cept this is the 4wd variant, the 2wd one you've got I suspect is early '90's Porsche (968 pre-tiptronic?)

Thats a zf 4hp-18 mate.


Mines a MANUAL you know STICK SHIFT!!!!

Bloody lazy southerners :D

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not enough sleep - too busy turning bosses up for someone... :lol:

that and playing hunt the bizarre V8 fault.... grrrrrrrrr

the S4/12 was a close ratio box for lotus racers in the 60's MORE USELESS STUFF HERE

the S4/14 3 was used in BV202's and the C303 - yours isnt a 303 version though

hahaha I knew eventually you would come over the Swedish side

the sit happily behind SBCs and take a pasting, the Volvo T case will hook up behind it if you get the other tailshaft

kin norvern mankeys ;)

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