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  1. Hiya Daan


    Changes made - please pm me if anything that should work for you doesn't !

    Take care


    Nige @D

  2. Great project! Hats off for working outside :-) How much detail did you have to give them for the modification approval?
  3. Practice makes perfect, I use a straight edge for anything that is exposed or over an inch or so in length. The quality of the torch makes a big difference as well.Chassis brackets for the bumpstops and shocks are next, then I'll have a look at anti wrap. I've been patiently watching eBay for a cheap 6 speed gearbox to come up but they seem few and far between. Going to have to bite the bullet soon and buy one as its holding up work on the front end.
  4. Come on boys stop blowing smoke up my arse....... You couldn't make it up Lewis, only 4 out of 45 competitors vehicles passed first time!
  5. I am trying to get on with it Al, I just never seem to find the time. I'm honored you find it interesting, you really should get back into your 4x4's your Fab skills and workshop equipment would make for some good reading. These are my latest purchases, should be handy for putting the cab back together.
  6. 17x9, 7" back spaced. I have tried it in a 7j15 et25 wheel and there is plenty of space, I will mount the calipers to fit inside the 15"s so I can fit whichever tyres I want.
  7. I know, I know...... too many projects, too little time! No such thing as dumb questions! Turning all the excess unimog wheel flange won't weaken the hub at all, but undoubtedly welding the new flange on is not as strong as if the hub were all all machined out of one piece. Both pics are of the outside of the hub, the seal land is on the back of the hub. The wheel studs are ln105 hilux the same as the discs, they are a dead fit through the disc and a press fit into the hub. Yes I used mig, about 300 amps, 3 passes on the outside (root with 2 caps) all stop starts overlapped (i really ne
  8. I don't have any pictures of the g wagon disc conversion, when I get chance I'll dig a portal box out and take some pics. Other than the pcd change I have pulled the wms further in closer to the portal box I also want to integrate the caliper bracket into a portal box brace. I have made a little more progress, not much though!
  9. The box section underneath the main rails is just a jig to hold it all parallel, we are planning a 6'x11' tipping body that will fit the jimny in easily. I think you need help lewis!
  10. Same shop as you buy pre-made welds like these!!!
  11. Found a little more time to work on the rear spring mounts.
  12. A little more progress, I need to order some hilux wheel studs and then I should be ready to trial fit a wheel so I can squeeze a caliper in.
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