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  1. Hiya Daan


    Changes made - please pm me if anything that should work for you doesn't !

    Take care


    Nige @D

  2. I think it would Ross. I have no antiroll bars and weigh 3.2 tons which cannot be helping, and I don't think mine is much worse than an early rangy. Your 1 link should be able to live in the dead space under your engine very easily. Much easier than packaging an upper link on a 3 link system
  3. I've just got used to the way it handles Ross. It definitely climbs better than it ever has done. There is almost no down side I think. I'm just building another at the moment for a different application. They are ticking all the boxes for me.
  4. Great project! Hats off for working outside :-) How much detail did you have to give them for the modification approval?
  5. Practice makes perfect, I use a straight edge for anything that is exposed or over an inch or so in length. The quality of the torch makes a big difference as well.Chassis brackets for the bumpstops and shocks are next, then I'll have a look at anti wrap. I've been patiently watching eBay for a cheap 6 speed gearbox to come up but they seem few and far between. Going to have to bite the bullet soon and buy one as its holding up work on the front end.
  6. Looking good Al, almost ready to abuse! I suspect the 40x40x4 will be a little weak for the arms. If you have them in cad, cut out of 20mm plate would be a nice solution. And daft question, but if you had lathe access why not make a new steering bar from scratch?
  7. No progress from me, Matt my old apprentice has his running nice on the 603 pump in his BMW. I'm suffering from too many projects and too little time
  8. I'm tempted to buy another 9002x, but my last one only lasted 2 years. All my 9000 lenses will fit as well! My miller is a early 80's syncrowave 350, 375amp power hungry monster.
  9. My ancient speedglas 9000 copes really well, as long as the lenses are in decent order. Perfect clarity at 25A the other day! Still cannot get my miller to perform on ally yet :-( 10 grinders! Your obsessed. My cordless Bosch is by far the most used out of all mine I'm seriously considering buying another bare unit to save me keep changing discs over. I think the only annoying thing about the cordless Bosch is that its based on the gws7 so it has the old fashioned style of back guard. I much preference the gws8 quick release guard.
  10. Have you had a play with the tig yet Lewis? I have an empty air products argon if you know anywhere that can fill it for you? Good luck with the makitas, I couldn't buy anything other than Bosch professional mine have been too good!
  11. Husky is on a worm and wheel, no brake to fail.
  12. I bought a £90 one for checking roll cage tube thickness and found it to be as accurate to within 0.1mm Paint thickness seemed to have little effect, but the amount of paint on most cages is negligible really.
  13. Why not just attack a 35/10.5 r16 silverstone with a Tyre cutter? Same effect, far fewer hassles.
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