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your opinions please


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i have a 200tdi disco which i want to turn into a greenlaner and tow vehicle. its got an ome 2" lift on it, already but whilst i sort out all the problem bits on it, i want to fiqure out in which direction i am heading. (and also put my order in for the tyres, as i believe there may be a back log of them)

option 1.

235 insa turbos on rr vogue alloys with wheel spacers


265 insa turbos on rr vogue alloys.

has to be rr vogue alloys as i have 11 of them sitting around and want to use them for something!

i want the car to have a square stance(similar to lrm project disco), i am going to fab some tubular bumpers up front and rear.

I know its not a ground breaking decision, but any advice and pics would help me make up my mind.


i apologise if youve seen this post on another forum, i just want to get as much info before i purchase

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What sort of profile are you looking at? 235/85 is a common size on defenders (~33" diameter) but if you want to use the motor as a tow car you will need to do something with the gearing.

I run 255/70's and even they are a bit big for the transfer box. They also need a little bit of trimming to the wheel arches, but they look like this:


Let us know what sort of profile you were thinking of, as it makes a big difference.



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