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O/T Smoky Diesel


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Afternoon all

Slightly O/T but its about a smoky diesel so not to far out.

I have a 98 golf diesel, Now i have been having issues with losing power which i managed to trace to a faulty Air Mass sensor ( as in unplug engine runs better make sense silly VW's) And i think the ECU may be going on the fritz due to the following

Was driving down A1 tother day when low oil light came on checked levels following morning about half way so topped up to just under max. Was then on my way home from work light showed again glow plug light came on car stopped luckily was on inside lane and wrestled it to the Hard Shoulder.. Left 10 mins checked connections etc ( dont worry had fluro jacket on) allw as ok restarted fine and got home..

Later that night driving back up a1 a little way engine overspeeds to redline low oil light comes on and then glow plugs light come on again. So im getting confused here. Pull over calm down the kids. Leave for 10 mins restart big plume of white smoke but runs kinda ok. Hit 3000 RPM in first engine overspeeds again. Called RAC got a lift home not happy...

So my diesel knolwedge isnt great.. Any Ideas.


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