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As some of you know I am making a off road practical toy from a LSE Range Rover Classic.

I changed the Alloys for some 15" steels with 12,50's on two weeks ago and torqued all the wheels nuts up and at the time thought I must remember to check them latter as a friend told me years ago when you first fit steels they losses after a few hundred miles.

anyway My wife came home from walking the dogs using the LSE and said you best have a look at the RR its making some doggy noises but I managed to limp it home.

I walked out side and low and behold the rear wheel nuts had come lose.

they were the worst but all the rest of the wheels were also a bit lose its worth knowing when you first fit steels they can come lose in the first 500 miles so you need to check them.

If my wife was not used to LR's and odd noises it could have been fatal as she uses the M3 to get to where the dogs are walked.

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