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DRD - Bampton 27 March


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Had a great day out yesterday and thank you to GBMud and White90 for their support and help. The day went well with the only thing missing being some deeper water. Peter and Donna joined us, each in a truck cab 90. Peter’s a 19J running +2” OME and 255/85 BFG MTs, Donna’s 300Tdi, with std suspension and 235/70s Colway MTs. Each had a HD Southdown front bumper and steering guard, snorkel and rear recovery points. My vehicle driven by Tony provided a recovery option should (when) we would need it.

First off to a little quarry. Donna had only had 1 days training prior to the day So this was going to be a sharp refresher!



We practiced with a couple of drops, some of them we even saved for later in the day!The short quarry drop proved as popular as ever, low 1st sometimes just has too much engine braking!



From there we headed across through waders corner and down to the river bed section. With little rain lately the level was slightly lower than usual but deep enough to have the desired effect!




After the river sections and interlinking tracks it was onto the a couple more descents before stopping for a brief lunch and discussing the mornings progress.



Post lunch saw the first winch deployment. It was a very short but tricky climb out of a river bed with some strategically placed tree routes. This combined with the wet mud and water deposits from the two previous vehicles, meant the winch was deployed!




We then entered a long thin section of pine cover dropping down through some deep ruts, across several bridges before coming back to tarmac. Donna with 2” less clearance (due to tyres) struggled a little on this section with ground clearance although a winch was on hand as and when necessary.




After several more climbs and some good controlled descents in another quarry section it was time to head back to the start. We did pop into the first quarry just so that Donna could get that short sharp drop under her belt (in fact she did it at least 3 times in the end)!


Peter (PEC) sorry i didn't get many photos of yours, thats the problem sat in your passenger seat!

a quick u tube link

The first two pictures are actually slightly later in the day but you get the idea.

a cracking day out, thanks guys.

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