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Another paint question....


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At the last Sodbury, I bought some NATO green paint (the satin finish).

After doing all the mechanicals, I've only just got round to making my 90 look presentable.

I've started preping the body work and have just sprayed the new (S/H) body cappings ready to be fitted.

I used a compressor and spray gun to apply 2 coats of paint, both thinned 50/50 with the correct thinners.

The finish is more than good enough for my old truck, however the paint really chips easily.

This is around a week after painting.

It's so soft, you can just scrape the paint off with your fingernail :(

I prepped the surface first, primed, flatted and then painted.

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

I've heard that NATO green paint is quite soft but didn't realise it would be this soft!

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Maybee the paint , Was it a 2 pack paint maybee ? which means it should have an activating hardner with it .

Or maybee just a cheap quality synthetic air dry paint .

I did my 90 some years ago and used Olive Drab green , I used a paint made by International .

It went off rock hard within a couple of days left out in the rain .

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There's nothing on the label that related to 2 pack or any mention of activators/hardeners.

The paint was from the "Paint Man".

I bought from him as he seemed to be fairly well regarded from what I've read.

I think there is a telephone number on the tin so maybe I'll give him a call this week.

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