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Shropshire Lane Down gradeing!

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Shropshire CC has received a claim to down grade down a lane to a Restricted Byway. This lane starts at SO 39800 84515 to SO 40165 84575 and is just north of Hopesay, Shropshire. Looking on the maps I have it looks like a UCR, but I will have to check with the ROW office. I have never used this road so do not know what its like. I will try to get some more info on it. But if anyone wants to object to the down grading then the person you need to email is lucy.mcfarlane@shropshire-cc.gov.uk


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Shropshire County Council has received an application to add a restricted byway to the definitive map. At the present time the route is not recorded either on the definitive map or the highways map. It is not an unclassified road. The user evidence that has been submitted indicates that the route should be recorded as a restricted byway. The historical evidence also indicates that the route is a public carriageway i.e. a restricted byway. If you have any more information on the route in question I would be pleased to receive it. I believe the track has been used by vehicles by permission for the occassional rally. It does not appear that it has been used regularly by vehicular traffic as of right.

We are not seeking to downgrade a route at all. It appears that several

people have mistakenly assumed that the route is already recorded as a county highway. I shall be investigating the issue as a priority as it is contentious locally. Any information would be gratefully received.


Lucy McFarlane

Map Review Officer

Countryside Access Team

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