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    LC 80 series 1993. 285/75/16s Cooper SSTs, OME 850s on the front with 25mm packer, 868s on the rear. 4.88 diffs. Winch bumper with 12000lb winch. Factory lockers



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  1. That is the point, laneing is not ment to be a challenge. If you want to drive like that then go to a private site. I would rather have all the lanes resurfaced and level than closed. Paul
  2. Some here, from one group. http://s767.photobucket.com/albums/xx312/m6pih/lr4x4%202011/
  3. I think I should be in group 1, as Neil wants me in group
  4. I just use my memory in Wales . But a good cheap way is a second hand Ipaq and put memory map on it, just loading the bits of maps you need. Paul
  5. Thanks, I think . No most Toyota drivers are not like that, but on saying that it depends on the "lane" on the speed I do. Most of the time I will do 5-15 MPH. I will do up 30 moh if it is on a tarmaced lane (some are you know). It is just a case of doing the speed your happy with or as slow possible/fast as necassary. As sometimes you may need to carry a little more speed to climb some slopes. Paul
  6. As your in Newtown, a good place to start would be 4x4 Response Wales as they have a meet in Newtown, most of them drive LRs. Paul
  7. I agree, just that people do not see it tht way.
  8. Some more info. 'Although the GAP is marked as a restricted Byway that does not totally remove the ability for vehciles to use the route if one of the conditions under Section 67(2) of the NERC Act 2006 can be proven. If the route is exempt from NERC and many people think it may be then removing the existing TRO to vehicles could open it up to use all year, which sounds great. However the reason for the original TRO was due to over use by vehciles and if this happened again the Brecon Beacons National Park now have the power to implement TRO's and would probably implement a permanent TRO to vehciles closing the route completely. Therefore we are better off maintaining the existing TRO where some access is still possible'. Hope this makes sense.
  9. I belive that sign has been removed for months, but it is a few years since I was down that way.
  10. I cannot find an email address, but I have emailed a PCC email address to see if I can get one. But if you read the "flyer" they have posted they are planning to stop people driving it, by this they are saying is drivable now!! Paul
  11. Have a look at his thread on Difflock http://forum.difflock.com/viewtopic.php?t=50894&start=30 Then send a letter of objection to them closing it. Then state on the PCC letter (picture in thread) that it is a ROAD. Paul
  12. You will have to watch out as some of the gateways are quite narrow. I have removed the arches from my 80 series. Groups of 5 will be fine. Paul
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