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A127 Alternator regulator replacement

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If you've got the A127 type alternator, and are experiencing an over or under-voltage fault, it's possible to change the regulator and brush pack relatively quickly and cheaply.

This type of alternator is easily identified by the curved regulator and stud terminals

Some poetic license is taken with the photos, as they were taken in the wrong order.


- Remove the battery +ve lead for safety, even though you don't need to remove the alternator wiring.

- To create room to work, remove the air filter and intercooler pipes.

- Slacken off the alternator belt tensioner, and remove the bolt and/nut on the alternator end.

- Remove the belt from the pulley

- Undo the two bolts holding the bottom of the alternator, 10mm socket required, IIRC

- You can now lift and rotate the alternator, to get to the back.

- The regulator is secured by three bolts, The bolt heads are 5.5mm


- You need to disconnect the regulator supply wire (pictured), which is a spade connector.

- the regulator/brush pack can be removed by rotating it slighlty and withdrawing it from the housing.

- It's worth checking for excessive wear where the brushes make contact with the rings on the shaft.


- Insert a straightened paperclip through the brush housing to hold the brushes in. this prevents damage to them on fitting.

- Connect the feed wire.

- bolt the regulator pack on.

- remove the paperclip, after bolting the regulator down.

- re-mount the alternator, remount the belt and tension etc.

- re plumb the air pipes.

- connect the +ve battery lead.

- Durite Part number is 0-831-55

Hope that helps.


- Insert the pack into the alternator housing

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