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  1. Ashcrofts have this machine already.
  2. Water pump pliers or a well direct tap with a large screwdriver on the edge of the nut.
  3. This Thread would be better for the Views of non affiliated people it reads far too much like an Advert. I had Ashcroft CVs never ever had an Issue and the service was first class I ran Maxidrive shafts these were the very best available at the time and cost me £880 cash at the time. Great to be given details of products but people with nothing to gain/Lose posting up would be ideal.
  4. http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=61515&pid=534243&st=0entry534243
  5. From Hobson a new bearing ID: the code for it is: 6203-2RSH-C3
  6. Should try enlarging the Breather to the axle this can also cause the oil to blow-by.
  7. Cobra=bombproof Maycom em27 IIRC =sh**E
  8. yes as Nigel will take full control as soon as he is made a signatory on the main account.
  9. Only as I am still the treasurer. treasurer@lr4x4.com goes to mine and Nigels Email addresses for notification so the money can be moved to the current account from Pay-pal.
  10. Well lets have your version then. I'll post mine including phone call records/pm activity including all discussions then the members can decide who is telling the truth and decide if you should have access to the For sale section. I personally would rather pay your subscription amount and decline your offer as I know mine would turn up. this thread is about this website and not you. Post up as above another thread if you like, post on this one again stuff not relevant it will be removed, as it is not a sounding board for your gripes.
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