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  1. still in difflock or ARB engaged
  2. Ashcrofts have this machine already.
  3. Water pump pliers or a well direct tap with a large screwdriver on the edge of the nut.
  4. This Thread would be better for the Views of non affiliated people it reads far too much like an Advert. I had Ashcroft CVs never ever had an Issue and the service was first class I ran Maxidrive shafts these were the very best available at the time and cost me £880 cash at the time. Great to be given details of products but people with nothing to gain/Lose posting up would be ideal.
  5. http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=61515&pid=534243&st=0entry534243
  6. From Hobson a new bearing ID: the code for it is: 6203-2RSH-C3
  7. Should try enlarging the Breather to the axle this can also cause the oil to blow-by.
  8. What was actually wrong with it?
  9. Cobra=bombproof Maycom em27 IIRC =sh**E
  10. Sent you the required info.
  11. I have used a bit of this cheers John
  12. Here is how to Donate Please consider a donation if using these help topics saves you some money.
  13. yes as Nigel will take full control as soon as he is made a signatory on the main account.
  14. Only as I am still the treasurer. treasurer@lr4x4.com goes to mine and Nigels Email addresses for notification so the money can be moved to the current account from Pay-pal.