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  1. From Hobson a new bearing ID: the code for it is: 6203-2RSH-C3
  2. As Ralph says your backside will give out before the car goes over unless you are trying to get somewhere and you ignore all the signs and all of a sudden you are stood up inside your car looking out of the passenger window with the river running in the drivers window (well that's what happened with me)
  3. If the box is a 96-98 disco it should already have the electronic transducer for the speedo.
  4. our team is one short to and I have no co driver :(

  5. Left hand panel center is Transmission Temp on mine, bottom left is engine imobilsation now used for winch power
  6. see this first page of this thread
  7. Mine is a 23L and had a cat and had EGR 96build date registered 97
  8. I just got brand new ones locally just had to wait 2days
  9. I have mine that way to nowt wrong with that
  10. can you scan/post a copy for the tech archive?
  11. Make that 3 Mo:( lost a wheel at 30mph on Sat AM I reckon it was operator error as the other stayed on
  12. oo hark at you I'll scratch your eyes out. out and be proud.
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