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Just found this site, brilliant!!!

Bought my new project home, Land Rover Lightweight 88. Has 3.5 V8 Petrol engine which is in good working order.

My problem is it has no drive, took gearbox out yesterday and it appears that the thrust bearing is 'seized' on the shaft. Clutch plate not stuck on. Looks as if bellhousing was contaminated with water at some point. Have now clean it all up and the thrust bearing appears to be free?

What to do? Shall I refit and try again or is it best to buy a clutch kit? Not sure which type clutch to buy, it measures 9 and half inches across and is stamped 'borg beck'. What type of gearbox does the Lightweight use?

Any advise, appreciated. :D


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The 3.5v8 is a non standard engine in the lightweight.

What levers do you have in the cab?

Black main stick with a red transfer gearbox lever and yellow push down on a spring?

If so you have either a series 2 or 3 gearbox. If there is no synchro on 1st ans 2nd it is a series 2.

Standard clutch for the landrover is a 9 1/2 " plate.

If you have gone to the trouble of taking the gearbox out, you should really fit a new clutch and release bearing.

Does the gearbox have a hydraulic clutch with the slave cylinder mounted directly to the bell housing operating a release arm on the release bearing, or is the slave cylinder mounted vertically on the side of the bell housing operating a cross shaft?

The centre plate is probably the standard plate, but the cover plate could be off an SD1 ( for example) Yu would need to compare it to a standard cover to see what you have. Release bearing is probably standard.

You should ask the guy you bought it off I suppose.

Does the release bearing have a plastic body?

These can melt if overheated whch eventually leads to a rock hard pedal and unable to release the clutch as all the movement in the cylinder is taken up by the free play.

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hi thanks for that.

Just got new clutch kit. It was a standard one and not a v8 which is much larger :rolleyes:

The new bearing is plastic but is the self centering type and the guy said it should be ok.

Hope when fitted we get some drive- otherwise im getting a BIG hammer :unsure:

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