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Another #10 petition


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Please sign my petition:


> We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Take account

> of the overall environmental cost of motor vehicles...


> Take account of the true overall environmental cost of motor

> vehicles, not just that of fuel consumption / exhaust emissions

> which are but a small percentage of this cost.

> This should

> include all vehicles, including electric cars (e.g. the

> inefficiencies of using batteries as a power storage medium and

> the requirements of generating the power to recharge them, plus

> the serious environmental damage that has been caused by the

> use of nickel in battery manufacture).

Unfortunately, it is much toned down from the original, and does not

include the niceties of vehicles that are relatively easy to rebuild

(i.e. non-monacocque construction - e.g. Morgan, Land Rover, TVR) or

info on the 'usage pollution' from electric cars being pushed to back

to power stations etc.

What they really hated was a poorly disguised bit about this and successive governments using emissions and green issues as an excuse for ever increasing revenue through fuel duty. Guess the truth hurts Mr. Blair!! :rolleyes:


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