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Don`t know what the HSE would say about this,

while sorting a problem with my D2 one of the jobs i done was to replace the sealing washers and o rings on the injectors, not wanting to strip the head too far and not having the "LR SPECIAL TOOL" to take them out i needed to find a solution to this. The answer to this: Assuming you have already taken the rocker cover off simply take off the electrical conectors from the injectors undo the securing bolt and remove the collar from the injector, then place something like an old towel "make sure it`s not dirty you don`t want anything getting in there",on top of the injectors then i put a piece of carpet on top of that.The next thing is turn the engine over and you will hear the injector pop out the towel will soak any diesel squirted out at the same time, it`s even better if you have someone watching it for you.Now you just repeat the steps for the following injectors.


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Hi there

Did the very same thing with mine quite a long time ago, the local Land Rover specialist hadn't got the tool to remove the injectors and i needed to replace them as they where faulty so i took it to them to put it on there test book to recode the injectors, as you said remove the rocker cover etc using a towel and a piece of wood over the top to stop it from flying out and causing damage to the bonnet.

They weren't to chuffed because they had told me it couldn't be done with out the special tool!!!!!



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