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Strange Juddering problem (1 off)


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This evening I had a bit of a strange juddering experience in the disco (1995 Auto 300tdi EDC)

I came back from work with no problems, parked up and then 20 mins later realised I had forgotten something so I got back in the disco, due to cars being in the way it was easier to reverse up the road, so I reversed up the road 200 yards or so (having to dab the brakes once half way) once I had gone far enough I pressed the brakes again to stop, I then put it in Drive and went of forward for about 50 yards (quite quickly) before having to brake for the next junction, on applying the brake the whole car started to judder quite violently. At the time I had no idea what was happening so pressed the brake harder and came to a stop which also stopped the juddering, I jumped out and checked around the car, all brakes looked OK and popped the bonnet and all belts etc looked to be going round OK.

So I thought I'd best take it home and take the car, so I reversed back up the 50 yards or so then drove forward and braked and all was fine, so I thought I'd risk it so I turned round this time and drove off for my 5 mile or so journey which it ran perfectly. Got there parked up, then drove pack half an hour later with no problems.

My initial thoughts were that it was the brakes with an exaggerated ABS type feel. (I don't have ABS) I've noticed that the front right caliper makes a clicking noise when I've been going fast then come to a stop, just clicks once, I had put this down to the brake pad sticking out and suddenly giving under the pressure. I don't think it's related though.

So then I thought maybe it was something else but I don't know what, as soon as I stopped it all ran fine.

Any ideas, or do I just forget it and see if it happens again?

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