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  1. sotal

    Discovery ABS issue

    We are in North Staffordshire. Does it sound right to have no power to the modulator? That was the reason they were saying they couldn't diagnose it. So they thought it was more of an electrical fault actually supplying the modulator. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't just cutting the power due to it being in fault mode.
  2. sotal

    Discovery ABS issue

    My father in law has asked me to see if I can find anything out about the problem he is having with his Discovery II Td5. He sent it to a small garage to have a number of things sorted for the MOT. One of which was the 3 amigos which were on. The garage has sorted the various other bits, but said they put it on the computer and cleared the 3 amigos, but then the ABS light has come back shortly after and won't go off. They said they can't do any more. They said the ABS Modulator isn't getting any power. It seems rather vague, but I have a few questions. When the system recognises a fault does it cut power to the ABS Modulator? (ie is it normal that the ABS Modulator doesn't have power when the light is on?) If he has a computer that is able to turn off the 3 amigos, wouldn't it be able to diagnose the fault? Anything particular that we should be looking for to fix it - the garage seem to be trying to wash their hands of it now and want him to pay for what they've done and take it back unfinished.
  3. sotal

    Series 2a/3 clutch

    It is a mixture of 2a and 3 parts, I think the parts will be Series 3 parts but I'm not 100% sure. No diagnostics yet! Other than attempting to press the pedal and it not moving. My time was spent trying to start the engine! It is totally jammed - it doesn't move what-so-ever! I'll try the penetrating oil and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestions - I did try replying earlier in the week but for some reason I couldn't submit my reply, looks to be working now though!
  4. sotal

    Series 2a/3 clutch

    I've not put my series up for sale yet but will do before long. One thing I'd like to fix though is the clutch (or at least have a look at) I'm not quite sure where to start though. The problem is that the clutch pedal simply does not move. It is rock solid and is still at the top. I couldn't move it. Any ideas, I didn't want to start persuading it in case I broke something else.
  5. sotal

    Advice required on selling a Series

    Had another poke round it today. I went underneath and had a good look around. The chassis seems solid everywhere. Went round it with a little hammer. As I say seems solid all round. Engine, thought I'd best turn it over by hand first, that went well. Then hooked it up to the other car too give it a jump start but couldn't get enough juice to start it. It turns over but I need a bit more to actually get it going. I've got heavy duty leads (lorry leads) but even they started smoking after a bit of trying! The battery on the land rover is as dead as can be, I'm guessing if that was a decent battery, then with a jump as well it would get going. So none of that seems disastrous, but the clutch pedal seems to have seized completely, and that's a job I haven't really got time to sort. I haven't really got much more time to spend on it so I think it is time to sell.
  6. sotal

    Advice required on selling a Series

    Thanks for the advice, I think I'll list it on eBay in a couple of weeks. I'll be as honest as possible and see what happens. I think I'll be looking for a minimum of £800 does that sound fair? Also would you try and get it running or leave it alone? I know the fuel will be old in the tank, the battery will be dead and from sitting in it today the clutch seems to be sticking!
  7. sotal

    Advice required on selling a Series

    I've got some many other projects in mind for when the kids grow up. We loved the series and used it for a good few years both off road and I used to use it for the of drive to work. It was good fun whilst it lasted but I need the space. We are planning some building work this year and the space will be needed.
  8. Due to time among other things, I think the time has come to sell the Series. It hasn't moved much in the last 10 years. Since kids came along there just hasn't been time. What makes it tricky to sell is that it's a bit of a bitsa. It was originally a Series 2A but as bits rotted away - they were replaced with donor parts from a series 3. It went through a few different reincarnations. It was a van, now it is a pickup. It isn't driveable at the moment, it could probably move if it will start up but the fuel will be old etc. The last job I did was to rebuild the gearbox with new bearings etc. The gearbox job was documented on landrovernet but that site doesn't seem to exist any more - I might have posted some photos here too? I put the gearbox into the landrover and tested it up and down the road, but then never got any further - my daughter was born and that was it! I haven't even finished putting the floor back in after! Faults I know it has nearside axle seal leaking nearside front tyre perished (Spare wheel has an OK looking tyre on it though) Front floor needs riveting down. Seats need bolting in. Boot floor support bars need replacing As far as I see it, I'm left with two options, The first is to break it for parts slowly and sell them online, eventually scrapping anything that doesn't sell. Lack of time means this really might end up as a slow job! The second option is to sell it as spare parts. I think given the fact that it has become quite a mixture of parts over the years that it would be immoral to sell as a complete vehicle - do you agree? I'm not sure I can easily prove what is original and what has been replaced. Would appreciate people's thoughts on this, the wife wants me to just scrap it but it seems such a shame!
  9. I need the part number for the bolts (specifically the lower bolt) which holds the fuel pressure regulator in place on the td5 engine. I've searched and can't find any mention of the bolts! Thanks
  10. sotal

    Alloy wheel centre caps

    I've got some for sale in the 'for sale' section on here - I'll go and measure them. Measured them - they are approx 63mm overall diameter - Sorry!
  11. sotal

    200tdi brakes

    Thanks - will be interesting to see if a direct replacement just sorts it
  12. sotal

    200tdi brakes

    He said something about the fronts having 3 nipples and needing to do 2 together then the top one on it's own (I may have that the wrong way round but pretty sure it was something like that) - seemed to know what he was on about. He's had the 200tdi for years and done the brakes a few times.
  13. sotal

    200tdi brakes

    I don't know, I ended up driving it round the fields the other day for a few hours doing some jobs - luckily only in low box so plenty of engine braking. Each time you pressed the pedal your foot went right down to the floor but it would stop - but not with a great deal of confidence! Wouldn't the pistons eventually come out if it was pumped and then if there was friction - cause it to stick out?
  14. sotal

    Td5 fuel pump whine

    I notice there is another thread about this although this problem is slightly different so thought it best to start a new thread. 1999 - td5. The fuel pump was replaced a couple of years ago. When you turn the key (before you start the engine the pump makes a loud whine) when you start the engine it starts normally and the whine instantly drops - if you stand at the back you can just about hear the pump but the tone definately changes when the engine starts. Does it need a new pump or is it something else? Thanks

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