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gearbox choices

rob rrc 6.2

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I'm hoping somebody can help, i've just bought a rrc 89 model which has been converted from vm diesel to 6.2 gmc v8 diesel,

I bought the vehicle with a gearbox problem and i know this isn't unlikely because of the amount of torque etc and its running its original LT77 gearbox.

Anyway what i need help with is what to replace it with, there seems to be a baffling amount of different lt77's thats if its even wise to replace it with the same type.

I'm thinking that a 4 speed LT95 would be a better option but would that fit directly? If not has anyone got any better ideas.


Rob <_<

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For that engine you would probably be better with a V8 variant gearbox. 5 speed LT85, 4 speed LT95 or even possibly an auto. Not sure about the mating situation at the bellhousing though. Must be a thread on here about it somewhere.

Thanks for that coast,

so you agree a 4 speed lt 95 is a strong box and will it fit directly in place of the standard lt77??



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