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  1. They will fit the engine, but pretty sure you will have issues if fitting into a Defender. SS systems are a fairly tight squeeze in a Defender.
  2. Tend to agree with the others regarding chucking the efi. Other issue you may have is getting the brackets/linkeages for the SU's to attach the auto kickdown cable.
  3. Sounds similar to my experiences with 'Shorterm'. i.e they say (or don't say) one thing on the phone to get your money and then change their mind once you have paid, then having to fork out rediculous penalties to change the policy. In my view another Orange company with huge advertising budget to beware of. If it helps, they do record phone calls and will send out a CD (at a price) of those calls. However, although I cannot prove it I do believe there were some conversations that didn't make the edit !! I have been with Adrian Flux since and must say so far, so good.
  4. Well, update on LR Series, the phone has been engaged yesterday and today and still no response to my email. Oh, the goods haven't turned up yet either so probably sent via Royal Fail. It will be a week on Monday! I'm putting the Humble Pie back into the fridge! Ordered the missing part from John Craddock yesterday lunchtime and it arrived today. That's more like it.
  5. Ah..... I got to this bit "As we are an online retailer, we find it more efficient to answer your queries via email rather than telephone. We feel confident that you would get a better service via email than you would by telephone, especially for parts enquiries." and then saw the internet form and rolled my eyes. You are correct, had I scrolled down that page I would have found the phone number. Note to self 'more patience'... humble pie.... fingers now doing the walking.
  6. Just used LR Series for the first and last time. Advertise products they do not have. Net result I paid £7 P&P (supposedly a courier but they used the post) for a £3 horn!! Slow dispatch and no phone number to contact them (apparently they are an 'Internet' company - what tosh!). Let's see how long it takes them to reply to my 'Internet' email - 20 hours so far.
  7. I believe that you will find all the GEMS stuff is linked to other ECUs in the P38 (Alarms, windows, suspension and notably gearbox. etc.). As said above, to move this lot would be a sparky fiesta. If concerned about gearbox, get one from a Classic LSE which were a bit stronger. Classic boxes are mechanical, P38 ones are electronic.
  8. I'm struggling to see the link between Time Attack and your 8 plugs. Oh... The Gobstopper all the way! No prizes for me then.
  9. Where abouts on the vehicle is it?
  10. Thanks for the suggestions guys. - Disks not too bad on the rust front. - V8 efi's use plenum suction, so just a pipe straight to servo. - Wheel bearings all new. I feel a trip to Chi 4x4 coming up.
  11. Done some more checking. - Servo is not split by the mounting bolts. - Thought the suction hose could be closing under higher revs. This is OK. The initial stopping OK could be a red herring - due to low speed. As the vehicle does not get used much, maybe the pads need bedding in? Can they go off?
  12. Thanks Bogmonster. It's a V8 (Flapper efi). Are Lucas still in existence?
  13. My brakes work fantastically for about 2 or 3 times while I am manoevering out of the drive (i.e. press brake pedal and almost hit the windscreen good) and after this it takes a heck of a lot of pedal power to get the thing to stop in a sensible distance. As a background, calipers are refurbed, new cylinders on rear drums, new copper pipes and recently changed the master cylinder with a new O ring as I thought this was the only thing left, but no change (if anything slightly worse). My thoughts were servo, but I have tested it by pumping pedal until hard and then starting engine. Pedal drops
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