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Updade on TD5 lack of power and smoking


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Hi all,

posted over X-mass regarding a problem with my 51plate TD5.

The vehicle drove well until I either gave it some stick down the motorway or had to load the engine up a hill.

As soon as I came off the power and then tried to accelerate again, I'd have no power (but the LR would keep running) and I'd be chucking loads of smoke out of the exhaust.

After changing various sensors and air flow meter , and having the ERG valve replaced, it now looks like the problem was caused by a rubber hose from the turbo, that is collapsing as the vacuum is formed by letting off the power.

Sadly I couldn't diagnose it, so its been done by a LR specialist just outside Shrewsbury :)

Thanks to all those who helped with advice and info.........


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