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Checked the through chassis towbar/lashing eye bolts on your old Landy


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Just something to bear in mind if you've got an older coil sprung Landrover:

My 1985 110 was showing signs of rot in the bottom of the chassis rails at the back near where the tow bar diagonals bolt through the chassis rails. These are also used for the rear lashing eyes and jate rings if used.

When I removed the bolts, they were severely corroded and greatly reduced in diameter as a result. Outwardly they looked fine with no corrosion of any consequence on the exposed thread.

Once I had cut the bottom of the rails out, about half a kilo of wet mud fell out too. This is despite pressure washing through the drain holes regularly after offroading.

The chassis spacer/stiffeners that the bolts pass through are not 'sealed' to the inside of the chassis rail, so any wet mud that collects at this low point in the chassis, can rot the bolts on the inside.

My suggestion is that anyone with an old 'untouched' Landy, Rangie or disco might want to check these bolts if they use these bolts for their towbar arrangement. Needless to say I have welded in new, thicker stiffener/ spacer tubes during my welding repairs, and will purchase some new bolts(M10X120mm) before refitting the towbar.



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