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Bad Vibrations


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Howdy all, Something to ponder.....

I have a harsh vibration under medium to hard acceleration at 55km/h (31MPH) and it comes in again at 100Km/h (62MPH). SO far we have tried this to no avail:

Remove rear prop shaft - problem stays

Remove front shaft - problem gone

Install brand new front shaft - no difference

Dissasemble and check centre diff - all just fine

Dissasemble front diff - all fine

Checked both CVs and front wheel bearings - all fine

Changed the wheels for some from another vehicle - no difference

Put the truck on a hoist and run it up to 55 - transfer case starts shaking - engage diff lock and the problem is almost gone.

The problem appears at the same speed in low or high range which to my mind rules out the gearbox. It must be from the transfer case on.

Where to next??

Any clues?? It is a '98 300Tdi with 80000km.

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